A Message from Nasser Zaghi,
Founder and President of Love Is the Solution
Today is February 28, 2008.  I am in Fort Lauderdale, at the house of my brother, Dr. Eddy Zaghi.  I have been released from JFK Hospital.  Sunday, February 24, my wife  and I,  and my old friend, Mo Panahi, (advisor and member of the board of directors of the Love Is The Solution organization) returned  from a week-long cruise with the Oceans of Gratitude group. The cruise was a perfect environment in which to share my message of the possibility of reaching world peace with a number of successful and like-minded people (Reverend Michael Beckwith, Christiane Schull, and others), who were interested and eager to listen. And I was equally eager to speak about Love Is the Solution and the international peace education project.

While a cruise is usually a restful experience, I found it impossible to rest in the presence of so many opportunities to discuss my peace project and the mission  of Love Is the Solution.  There was a chance to engage in discussions at every turn.  Inspired by their interest, I was in contact and communication with the other participants throughout the entire cruise. That constant activity and interaction left me feeling exceptionally stressed and exhausted, and in need of respite by the time we returned. Unfortunately, our return became a very anxious, stress filled day, as the ship was delayed by several hours due to an injury to a fellow passenger, and unexpectedly, had to dock at an alternate port in order to save the person.

What followed was, for me, a seriously life-changing event.  Sunday night I experienced  an excruciatingly painful headache. I was very uncomfortable, very sleepy, and irrational.  I don't clearly recall my situation at that time. Monday morning, Feb 25, 2008, I still did not feel well. My brother, who is a cardiologist living in Florida, forced me to go immediately to JFK Hospital in Miami.  At the hospital, after a battery of tests and examinations, it was determined that I had suffered a stroke. I have been advised to rest until such a time as I can fly back to California, and then follow up my treatment with local doctors and hospital.  At this time, I am trying  to assess and evaluate what is happening to me and my life, and why.

At this time, I am extremely tired – exhausted. Because both Mo and my wife Ashraf have witnessed my activity -- my nonstop work with Love Is the Solution, and how it has impacted my life, they have made every effort to convince me that I am working too much with my nonprofit organization, Love Is the Solution, for real world peace, so I am trying to assess and evaluate what has happened and what has caused it.
In considering what has occurred, these things come to my mind:
• I am attempting, by myself, to create and develop a huge project – to organize and establish an international peace education foundation.  Solely through my own abilities, I have sought to organize, to finance, and to educate the world about my plan, the “One Per Cent Solution” (Each country to transfer 1% of  monies from their Defense budget to create a Peace Budgets). My single-minded focus on finding a real solution to world peace has come to dominate my life.

• I am asking myself “What am I doing?  Is my personal life practice based on the principles of Love Is the Solution?  Am I using the principles of acceptance, fairness and doing my best?  As I consider whether I have been practicing the love of my definition, and reflect on that question, I can confirm that there is no hatred within me now, and that yes, I am acting with love.  I will be thinking about it a bit longer and will look more deeply.

• I have to think about fairness.  I am asking myself, “Am I being fair and doing my best?  I see that the answer is that I am not being fair, not to my family nor to my friends.  I have tried to justify the intensity of my work with Love Is the Solution with the logic that it was for world peace, and therefore, no sacrifice was too great.  My work for peace has become my life. My family and friends notice, they miss my presence. Now, the work has become too much.  I cannot continue.  This kind of effort, if continued, could truly soon kill me.

• On further reflection, I see that even though I was completely committed to these principles, I have still not been able to practice them fully. I have not been fair and, moreover, I simply could not accept that it would not be possible for me to carry out my plan and project.  I thought that I could because I see the problem and I see how the solution is possible through the application of  Love Is the Solution principles.  This is so important; I didn't want to accept my limitations in this regard.  I didn't even want to consider that such limitations existed. This has become clearer and clearer as I look back over my behavior leading up  to the stroke.  Until that moment, I denied that there were limits to my abilities, my energy, my stamina. And now, it is clear to me that I do have limits.

• At this point, I must say to myself, “Today, I must accept that I cannot do this project myself”.

I finally see the truth.  I SEE THAT NOW IS MY TURNING POINT.

After this experience, I realize that I am complete with doing this now.  I am going to stop doing the peace project work, but I am going to write and complete the Pathway to Peace book and give it to the world.  Hopefully, some person or some organization will accept the responsibility of carrying out this project.  If that happens soon, and if the condition of my health allows it, I will support and participate in their efforts as well.

I talked to myself about everything happening in my life, and my commitments to so many people.  I will honor these commitments.

My book on slander is nearly ready to publish.  As soon as my condition is stabilized, and I have honored my other commitments, I will publish that book.

My book, Love Is the Solution, Peace is Possible, has been translated into Persian (Farsi), and will be published soon.

Pathway to Peace is perhaps delayed due to my health issues, but it will be published as well.

I need to slow down quite a bit.  I owe it to my family.  They worry about my stressful life with Love Is the Solution issues.

I understand that both my decision in regard to this Turning Point, and my explanation, will give rise to many questions.  I am going to answer those questions and explain further in a book about my total Pathway to Peace, and as soon as I do that, more questions will arise.

In my Pathway to Peace, I will explain more clearly about this situation. My intention is this – I have decided now to stop work on the project.  In the Pathway to Peace book I am going write, you will find out the following in the chapters:

What is the biggest problem in the world?
What is the solution?
How is it possible to do it?
How, why, when Zaghi got involved in Love Is the Solution issues
Who inspired this – discuss Mel Suhd and Kate
What brought Zaghi to the Turning Point
What is the outcome of Zaghi's research and experience?
How some religious, political and business leaders did not take him seriously, and how some also viewed him as strange, perhaps unbalanced.  
How, the more active he became, the more his faith and commitment to follow up grew.  
How he had great difficulty in getting their support/endorsements, but still he persevered.

At first glance, Love Is the Solution would not appear to be a stressful endeavor.  How come I am saying it is so difficult and how is it so?  I will explain how and why.

Love Is the Solution, of course, is not supposed to be stressful, but when you apply it to the case of peace in the world, it is far different than any other situation.  It is not a simple resolution of a family problem, or something involving one, two, or just a few people.  It is huge and all-encompassing.  We are faced with all kinds of reasons for conflict and constantly shown images of disasters, pictures of conflict and war.  There are all kinds of reasons to seek peace.  They can reach the heart of everybody.  For peace, you must see deeply, you must look at the need for and meaning of acceptance, fairness and doing your best differently because of the many factors involved., such as ego, oil, conflict of interest, religion, economics, values, understanding, expectations, politics, etc..

We need a different perspective.When you propose a solution to solve world problems, to reach peace in the world, there will be resistance from many sides, particularly the oil, political, and religious interests. Conflict is the result of thousands of years of hatred.  It causes great damage to the minds of the people.  For example, many wrongdoers have first been victims of wrongdoing themselves before they, too, became perpetrators. We must prevent people from becoming victims in the first place.

My research, interviews, contacts with people at workshops, seminars, and reading have proven to me that the reason for conflict is a lack of knowledge, understanding and awareness. To change that requires a conclusive, all-embracing, realistic approach. Global, international peace education is needed to do this job. A great deal of money is needed – many millions of dollars, to accomplish it.

I am proposing the design, development, and activation of what I call the 1% solution – directing one percent of defense budgets toward peace education, whereby, at the same time, reducing future defense budgets as well. This would involve an international meeting of about 300 people, all leaders in their field, to discuss, plan, and implement the project.

At the beginning, I thought I could make all arrangements myself.  I thought that I could invite 300 people to gather for an international peace education meeting, and arrange for extensive media coverage as well.  So I got involved, deeply involved, in this project.  I have spent all the money I could earn on this mission. Much more is needed. I was under the impression that peace is a universal desire, and that there is no one who would not pay the price for peace.  I thought that everyone would cooperate in this effort.  That did not happen.  I took on the burden of working for global peace education, and was counting on everyone cooperating – but they did not.  They were not open or aware of the depth of the problem.  I myself was not aware of how deep the problem was, and did not expect resistance.

Now I understand that it requires hundreds of organizations and thousands of people to create an international peace education foundation.

I am not convinced that I was wrong about my Pathway to Peace project.  Now I understand why so many people have a “damaged” mind.  It is understandable that most people have been victims in the past and that, in most cases, it is difficult, if not impossible to heal that damage. In too many cases, the damage gives rise to anger and hatred toward others. And the cycle continues.

Realistically, we can only save future generations.  In these times, children are still being raised with hatred in their lives from the moment they are born.  If we would instead let them experience only love, let them grow up without hatred in their lives, future generations could live in peace.  It would take about one hundred years until all the hatred disappeared-and hatred damaged minds no longer existed.  The situation we are in must be controlled for one hundred years.  At the same time, we must all plant the seeds of love, expecting that in one hundred years we will have the fruit of the seeds – peace.

During my involvement with this mission, every achievement I made seemed to result in doubling my work load.  Each major endorsement or meeting (the Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins, the Oceans of Gratitude Cruise, etc.) caused me to use more and more time and energy.  I became exhausted from the effort.  Every day my job increased as I tried my best to accommodate the needs of Love Is the Solution as an organization.  I changed the design of my house.  I converted a level of my shopping center to offices, and  I turned  my residence in Los Angeles into an office for Love Is the Solution.Today, it is impossible for me to store all the material for the peace project.  Every day my files grow in number, the cabinets filling at an alarming rate.  My mind can no longer focus on other subjects. All the topics I must deal with in a day would fill another book.

The result of all this was a stroke.  The result of the stroke is my personal Turning Point,
Nasser  Zaghi, Founder and President
Love Is the Solution
Guiding Principles for Love is the Solution
An Invitation . . .
An exciting research project that we’re linked to: Love Is the Solution — Nasser Zaghi

Many of you have noticed a small text box that appears in your newsletter stating “Love Is the Solution.” This is the name of an AIWP congregation dedicated to bringing love, peace, and happiness not only to the individual, but also to all people, all countries, and all faiths. Nasser Zaghi, leader of the congregation Love Is the Solution, states that this is not simply a philosophy, but a science with its own irrefutable evidence that loving acts have resolved and can continue to resolve problems of any magnitude.  Three basic elements combine to lead to the statement “Love is the solution.” They are: 1) that it is every person’s responsibility to meet life’s challenges with an attitude of loving acceptance; 2) each person must act with a commitment to fairness; and 3) dedication to doing one’s best in every way. It is inherent in what we call the human condition that we are touched by human kindness, understanding, passion, and matters of the heart. “Love is the solution” may at first appear to be simplistic and naïve; in reality it is a profound expression of the most powerful force for change in the world and will lead to happiness in the individual and peace in the world. Nasser Zaghi invites your participation and response. Please share any experiences that you may have had that prove that love is the solution. If you agree with Nasser’s position and wish to express how these principles are present and practiced in your life, your opinions, statements, and suggestions are welcome.
Honorary Peace Ambassadors
Nasser Zaghi, one of the speakers on the Ocean of Gratitude cruise, had a stroke immediately following the cruise. Being in a state of gratitude from our shared cruise experience, he was able to look at this incident through the eyes of gratitude, and to reflect upon the element of peace in his life. Mr. Zaghi spoke to you of his project to establish an international peace education foundation. Participants in the Ocean of Gratitude cruise expressed their agreement and support for the project. In recognition of your support, each of you has been designated a Love is the Solution Honorary Peace Ambassador.

Honorary Peace Ambassadors have no assignment but to carry the message of peace within themselves and forward, understanding that hatred can only be overcome by love.

"All works of love are works of peace."
Mother Teresa
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