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Dear Sir or Madam,

This letter will introduce Mr. Nasser Zaghi. Mr. Zaghi has a tremendous understanding of human need and has a passion for achieving peace and happiness for all persons. Born and raised in Iran, he and his family came to the United States in 1978 to begin a new life, with a focus on health and continued education. They later became citizens of the United States. Mr. Zaghi cares deeply for all human beings and wherever he goes he spreads love and kindness. He believes there is an inherent goodness imbedded in the hearts of all, despite the negatives that surround us.

Nasser Zaghi's mission is important - he is dedicated to advocating love as the way to peaceful solutions for all issues faced by all peoples of the world. This message follows in the manner of those of others, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Kahlil Gibran, Moses, Maimonides, and Mohammed.

If you look around you and watch the news, you will quickly see that now is the time for humanity to listen carefully to such a message of love. The world seems to be increasingly filled with hate, war, injustice, brutality, anger, and revenge. It would be a challenge to find a corner of the world that is blessed with tranquility. This is not a situation that should be described as normal, nor can we continue this way much longer.

Love, however, can effectively and irrevocably resolve mankind's despair and loneliness. Love is a strong mix of passion and caring for others that changes the focus of our lives. If we truly love, we no longer care about our own selfish lusts and desires, but reach out to others to solve the disease of sadness, loneliness, hatred, and anger.

Love is the symbol of an ideology and philosophy that addresses the core of human needs. However, Nasser believes that "Love is the Solution" is not simply a philosophy, but a science, with its own irrefutable evidence that loving acts have resolved and can continue to resolve problems of any magnitude. Three basic principles lead to love is the solution for all situations.

(1) It is every person's responsibility to meet life's challenges with an attitude of loving acceptance (2) Each person must act with a commitment to fairness. (3) Everyone must be dedicated to doing one's best in every way."

Love is the solution" may at first appear to be simplistic and naïve; in reality it is a profound expression of the most powerful force for change in the world.

There are loving, constructive solutions to all challenges and conflicts at every level of human behavior. I wish to ask you to consider endorsing the statement "Love is the Solution", and to add a few words of your own about how this idea is expressed by your life. Stand with Mr. Zaghi and lend your statement of support to this positive force in the worldwide movement of peace and love.

Nasser Zaghi believes that love is the solution and hopes that you will align your thoughts with him toward spreading love, and the message that love is the solution to all problems, into every community on earth. Join with him in this international effort to realize his dream of bringing happiness to individuals and peace to the world.

Please address your response to this letter to:
Love Is the Solution, 14542 Yale Court,
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

Melvin Suhd
Association for the Integration of the Whole Person President and Founder
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