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Mr. Nasser Zaghi, Founder
Love Is the Solution
14542 Yale Court
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
Dear Mr. Zaghi,
Thank you for your remarkable book, Love is theSolution.  Indeed, peace is possible if the roots of violence are removed from the hearts of people. These root causes are envy, greed, selfishness, corruption and injustice.
Please join Fely and visit me in the Philippines in November for her reunion. We can talk more a that time. 
All the best,
Fidel. V. Ramos
12th President of the Philippines
Ramos Peace and Development Foundation

At Present Private Citizen; Chairman, Ramos Peace and Development (RPDEV) Foundation;Chairman, Boao Forum for Asia; Trustee, International Crisis Group (ICG); Member, Advisory Group, UN University for Peace; Honorary Director, GeneralDouglas MacArthur Foundation; Founding Member, Policy Advisory Commission,World Intellectual Property Organization (PAC-WIPO); Honorary Member, WorldCommission on Water for the 21st Century; Member, International Advisory Council, Asia House; Patron, Opportunity International (Philippines); Global Advisor,University of Winnipeg; Honorary Chairman, Yuchengco Center, De La Salle University; Member, Advisory Board, Metro Bank; Honorary President, HumanDevelopment Network (HDN) Philippines; Lifetime Honorary President, ChristianDemocrats International (CDI); Chairman Emeritus, Lakas-Christian MuslimDemocrats (CMD) Party

FIDEL V. RAMOS, the 12TH PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES (1992-1998), is remembered for steadfastly promoting the principles of people empowerment and global competitiveness. He pursued, focused and converged programs to fight poverty in accordance with the will of the Filipino people,expressed by 229 structural/reform laws enacted by Congress during his term.

Ramos implemented a comprehensive Social Reform Agenda (SRA) that addressed the long-standing problem of poverty: jobs and livelihood,health, education and skills training, housing, environmental protection, children and the youth, the elderly and the handicapped, agrarian reform, and access to equal opportunity. He achieved a peace agreement with military rebels and the secessionist Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) for which he won for the Philippines the coveted 1997 UNESCO Peace Award - the first for Asians. Excerpted from Wikipedia. For additional information, please visit President Ramos' website:  
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On the 22nd of April 2007, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California, USA, Mr. Zaghi shared his peace project with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. His Holiness embraced Mr. Zaghi and expressed his interest in Love Is the Solution, Peace is Possible. It was a turning point for Nasser Zaghi's peace project.

Condensed Biography:

“His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, describes himself as a simple Buddhist monk. He is the spiritual leader of Tibet. He was born on 6 July 1935, to a farming family, in a small hamlet located in Taktser, Amdo, northeastern Tibet. At the very young age of two, the child who was named Lhamo Dhondup at that time was recognized as the reincarnation of the previous 13th Dalai Lama, Thubten Gyatso. The Dalai Lamas are believed to be manifestations of Avalokiteshvara or Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion and the patron saint of Tibet. Bodhisattvas are believed to be enlightened beings who have postponed their own nirvana and chosen to take rebirth in order to serve humanity.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a man of peace. In 1989 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent struggle for the liberation of Tibet. He has consistently advocated policies of non-violence, even in the face of extreme aggression. He also became the first Nobel Laureate to be recognized for his concern for global environmental problems. His Holiness has travelled to more than 67 countries spanning 6 continents. He has received over 150 awards, honorary doctorates, prizes, etc., in recognition of his message of peace, non-violence, inter-religious understanding, universal responsibility and compassion.  He has also authored or co-authored more than 110 books. His Holiness has held dialogues with heads of different religions and participated in many events promoting inter-religious harmony and understanding. Since the mid-1980’s, His Holiness has begun a dialogue with modern scientists, mainly in the fields of psychology, neurobiology, quantum physics and cosmology. This has led to a historic collaboration between Buddhist monks and world-renowned scientists in trying to help individuals achieve peace of mind. This has also led to the introduction of modern science today in the traditional curriculum of the Tibetan monastic institutions re-established in exile.”

Excerpts adapted from
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Dear Nasser Zaghi, the Guardian of peace of Confederation Knights Crfusaders.

I have recently had the opportunity of meeting Mrs Buini, president of the city council of Assissi, the birth place of San Francisco.

She was extremely touched by your intention and enthusiastic endeavor for promoting peace, when she received you in her office, after having received the important award, Palma dOro, that only a few people in the world have so far received for the promotion of culture of peace.

She suggested that as the city of Assissi is also called the city of peace it could be the appropriate place for a world center for the study of culture of education for peace, and your activity as a citizen of San Francisco, which carries the name of our saint could be our branch.

I personally hope that her idea becomes reality.

Best Wishes.

Bijian Saadat
Ambrassciators Unigtobus
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,

It has been my pleasure and privilege to have met you in the past month. I acknowledge the extraordinary effort that you are putting into the dissemination of your precious idea ‘Love is the Solution.” Its realization would mean the delivery of mankind from its present disorder. I feel that it is important to note that I as a senior Stanford physician am on a similar errand, which is the establishment of Universal Health.

Mankind has suffered since its earliest moment from the burden of illness both bodily and mentally. It is been my opportunity to study human aging as a life effort. It is rewarding to note that much previous ignorance has been dispelled by science and it is my observation that we are the first generation in the history of mankind to know with confidence what a whole human life can look like. Therefore it seems to me that my errand and yours converge. Both seek the realization of the maximum human potential.

The particular strategy that works for both of us is encompassed in the word engagement. As you and I are capable of enlisting public support in our dual search for Love and Health the world will be far the better for our success.Your lifetime experience has led you to the inspiration of “ Love is the Solution.” My lifetime, as a third generation physician has similarly brought me to a convergent conclusion that Health , well realized, is the pathway to Love.

Bio-Walter M. Bortz II
Walter M. Bortz II, M.D., is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine and a graduate of Williams College and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Recognized as one of America’s most distinguished scientific experts on aging and longevity, Dr. Walter Bortz's research has focused on the importance of physical exercise in the promotion of robust aging. Dr. Bortz has published over 130 medical articles and authored numerous books, including We Live Too Short and Die Too Long, Dare to Be 100, Living Longer for Dummies, and Diabetes Danger. Dr. Bortz is past co-chairman of the American Medical Association’s Task Force on Aging, former President of The American Geriatric Society and is currently Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board for the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation, as well as a Senior Advisor to Healthy Silicon Valley, a community collaborative effort which addresses the soaring incidence of obesity and diabetes.
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,
Your life’s essential dedication to promoting peace and love between all people is needed now more than ever.
41 years ago, as my spacecraft flew toward Earth following my Apollo 14 mission to the Moon, I went through a grand epiphany accompanied by exhilaration. It was nothing short of an overwhelming sense of universal connectedness. I actually felt what has been described as an ecstasy of unity.... I perceived the universe as in some way conscious.
As a pacifist, I believe that consciousness is intelligence.
I thank you for your ongoing work, and am grateful for having met you in June 2011 at the award ceremony sponsored by the Da Vinci Society for the Study of Thinking, hosted at the University of Advancing Technology, in Tempe, Arizona.
In service to humanity,
Edgar D. Mitchell, Sc.D.
Founder, Chairman and Science Director, Quantrek
Apollo 14 astronaut
Sixth man to walk on the Moon
Founder IONS, Institute of Noetic Sciences


Dr. Edgar Mitchell
After completing service as Captain in the U.S. Navy, Dr. Mitchell co-founded the Association of Space Explorers, an international organization headquartered in Switzerland for all of those exploring space and committed to peaceful space travel.  U.S. headquarters are in Houston, with parallel headquarters in Moscow.
Always an advocate for peace, Dr. Mitchell has addressed the United Nations on two occasions, has guest lectured at many universities including Harvard, Cambridge, and Notre Dame, maintains a speaking calendar of dozens of lectures annually, and is a frequent interviewee on television and radio, worldwide, as well as being the subject of documentary films.

Dr. Mitchell's published books are Psychic Exploration (1974) and The Way of the Explorer (3rd printing).   Science publications on a range of topics impacting on space exploration have appeared in many learned journals.
Dr. Mitchell received his Sc.D. Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1964 with majors in physics and mathematics which he subsequently instructed.  He received his B.S. in Aeronautics at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, and a B.S. in Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University.


Presidential Medal of Freedom
USN Distinguished Service Medal
NASA Distinguished Service Medal
NASA Distinguished Service Award
NASA Group Achievement Award (three times)
USAF Aerospace Research Pilot School, First in Class Award
Medal of the City of New York
American Astronautical Society, Flight Achievement Award
Arnold Air Society, John F. Kennedy Award for Space Exploration
Carnegie Mellon University Alumni, Outstanding Man of the Year, 1972
Kappa Sigma, Man of the Year Award, 1972
Adventurers Club, Gold Medal Award for Exploration
Explorers Club, Lowell Thomas Award for Explorations in Human Consciousness, 1980
Drexel University, Engineering and Science Award for Explorations in Consciousness, 1974
Space Hall of Fame, inducted 1979
Astronaut Hall of Fame, inducted 1995
Nobel Peace Prize nominee, 2005
Leonardo da Vinci Society for the Study of Thinking, inducted 2011
Dr. Mitchell is divorced, has one son, Adam Blakemore Mitchell (deceased) from marriage to Sheilah Ann Sisco Ledbetter; two daughters from his first marriage to Louise Elizabeth Randall:  Karlyn Mitchell-Pearce, PhD, Elizabeth Mitchell Kendall; and three adopted children from a second marriage to Anita Rettig:  Kimberly Ann, Richard Paul Mitchell, and Mary Beth Johnson; nine grandchildren.
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Professor Muhammad Yunus established the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh in 1983, fueled by the belief that credit is a fundamental human right. His objective was to help poor people escape from poverty by providing loans on terms suitable to them and by teaching them a few sound financial principles so they could help themselves.
From Dr. Yunus' personal loan of small amounts of money to destitute basket weavers in Bangladesh in the mid-70s, the Grameen Bank has advanced to the forefront of a burgeoning world movement toward eradicating poverty through microlending. Replicas of the Grameen Bank model operate in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Born in 1940 in the seaport city of Chittagong, Professor Yunus studied at Dhaka University in Bangladesh, and then received a Fulbright scholarship to study economics at Vanderbilt University. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Vanderbilt in 1969 and the following year became an assistant professor of economics at Middle Tennessee State University. Returning to Bangladesh, Yunus headed the economics department at Chittagong University.

From 1993 to 1995, Professor Yunus was a member of the International Advisory Group for the Fourth World Conference on Women, a post to which he was appointed by the UN secretary general. He has served on the Global Commission of Women's Health, the Advisory Council for Sustainable Economic Development and the UN Expert Group on Women and Finance.

Professor Yunus is the recipient of numerous international awards for his ideas and endeavors, including the Mohamed Shabdeen Award for Science (1993), Sri Lanka; Humanitarian Award (1993), CARE, USA; World Food Prize (1994), World Food Prize Foundation, USA; lndependence Day Award (1987), Bangladesh's highest award; King Hussein Humanitarian Leadership Award (2000), King Hussien Foundation, Jordan; Volvo Environment Prize (2003), Volvo Environment Prize Foundation, Sweden; Nikkei Asia Prize for Regional Growth (2004), Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Japan; Franklin D. Roosevelt Freedom Award (2006), Roosevelt Institute of The Netherlands; and the Seoul Peace Prize (2006), Seoul Peace Prize Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea. He is a member of the board of the United Nations Foundation.

From Les Prix Nobel. The Nobel Prizes 2006, Editor Karl Grandin, [Nobel Foundation], Stockholm, 2007
This autobiography/biography was written at the time of the award and later published in the book series Les Prix Nobel/Nobel Lectures. The information is sometimes updated with an addendum submitted by the Laureate.
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Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi, Iranian lawyer, former judge, and human rights activist. Educator, author, founder of Centre for the Defence of Human Rights in Iran. Awarded the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize for her pioneering efforts for democracy and human rights, she was the first Iranian and first Muslim woman to have received the prize. She has lived in exile in the UK since June 2009.
Dear Mr. Zaghi,
Your positive and inspirational message, Love Is the Solution, is one that includes acceptance, fairness, and doing your best. These principles are not simply useful, they are truly vital to the resolution of important humanitarian issues and to reaching peace in the world.
Mr Zaghi, your proposal regarding international support for peace education to be funded by every nation contributing one percent of their defense budget is welcome, constructive, and appreciated.
I support and encourage your efforts and wish you and your nonprofit organization, Love Is the Solution, all success in reaching the goal of establishing an International Peace Education Foundation dedicated to peace for all.
Shirin Ebadi
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Thank you so much for your gift, "Love Is the Solution". Your words are very powerful, poignant, and perspective oriented. They say that a man's greatest fear is of extinction, but what he should fear more than that is to become extinct with insignificance. Nasser, you are doing something truly significant that matters and counts. Thank you!
Pat Riley President and Coach, Miami Heat Basketball Team Miami, Florida 

Pat Riley - Celebrated and widely respected National Basketball Association head coach and team president of the Miami Heat basketball team  
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...Continued blessings on your path of love and peace.
Tony Robbins Life Coach, Author, Speaker, California

Tony Robbins - Renowned Life Coach, author, motivational speaker, peace advocate and advisor to many world leaders, he is also involved in a number of charitable works, including his "basket brigade" which helps feed the homeless and poverty-stricken
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In support of Mr. Zaghi
I met with Mr. Zaghi and was impressed with his wonderful statement, “Love Is the Solution”.
I trust that it is a great hope for the world to have his meaning prevail. I wish Mr. Zaghi all the best in his mission to make our world better.
Dr. T. Hamid

Bio - Tawfik Hamid

Dr. Tawfik Hamid, is an Islamic thinker and reformer, and one time Islamic extremist from Egypt. He was a member of a terrorist Islamic organization JI with Dr. Ayman Al-Zawaherri who became later on the second in command of Al-Qaeda. Some twenty-five years ago, he recognized the threat of Radical Islam and the need for a reformation based upon modern peaceful interpretations of classical Islamic core texts.
Dr. Hamid provided a fresh and theologically valid interpretation for the Quran to counterbalance the radical teaching. As the Daily Express (UK) mentioned “Dr. Hamid has predicted the attacks on the twin towers, Madrid and London”. After September 11, Dr. Hamid boldly decided to speak out through western broadcast and print media. He has appeared on shows spanning the spectrum from CNN to Fox News, and his articles and op-ed pieces have appeared in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Daily News, and the Jerusalem Post. Some of Dr. Hamid’s Op-Eds were also selected at Real Clear Politics. Dr. Hamid’s exceptional knowledge of the jihadi mindset has led him to be a guest speaker at many reputable private and governmental fora – both within the US and internationally such as the US Congress, Director of National Intelligence DNI, the Pentagon, National Prayer breakfast, and the European Parliament. He also received Speaker of the Truth award of the Endowment of Middle East truth.
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Dear Nasser,
The tardiness of this note in no way diminishes the heartfelt gratitude we feel for your generous contribution and new involvement with MUSE! I really enjoyed meeting you and spending time at the Women’s Conference.

We had quite a big adjustment getting back into our home after the fires, and returning to some sort of normalcy. The children learned just how unpredictable Mother Nature can be and the importance of helping those who were not so lucky.

And so, onward…we want to welcome you with open arms to the MUSE family, and are thrilled to have you along for the adventure and to share our vision! Everyone with MUSE Global is so excited about helping the children connect all over the world…mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and one day, physically.

We are so thankful for your gift of $1,000.00. It is a significant addition to our MUSE Global program. Over the next few months, Erin Terzielf, the director of MUSE Global, will be making her way to Africa and the Thailand/Burma border where she will be able to set up more scholarships because of your generosity.

Look for updates on Erin’s travels and upcoming MUSE events.

Hope to see you again soon. Peace to you and yours, and thank you again so very, very much!!!
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Dear Mr. Nasser Zaghi:
Hello. Years ago I wrote this poem:
The Great Synthesis
Your socialism -Comrade East!- goes for social equality, leaving out individual Freedom. That is the problem.
And your individualism -Brother West!- goes for individual Freedom, leaving out social Equality. that is the problem.
And the solution? NO!! Let us not argue about the "true" kind of freedom or "false" versions of equality. That will not lead to more freedom or more of equality.
The solution is Justice Equality freely shared And Freedom shared equally- Yes, justice is the solution.
Thank you, Comrade East! You have produced the Hydrogen of  equality.
Thank you, Brother West! You have produced the Oxygen of freedom.
But now, Humanity thirsts For the pure and purifying water of Justice!
You have both of you, prepared the ground for the Great Synthesis. You have, both of you, paved the highway for Humankind to reach the non-metaphorical, non-metaphysical  Heaven of the Humanity beyond you on this Earth.
Thank you both. You have done well. And it is time, therefore, For both of you to go to Hell.

Having acquainted myself with your ideas, I have come to realize that my recipe for future humanity lacks a most vital ingredient:
I have spoken of freedom as oxygen and of justice as the hydrogen necessary for the vital water of human happiness to come to be. I agree with you now:
Love is the electrical charge that makes the fusion possible. Therefore, please count me as one of your comrades.
YES, sir: I agree LOVE is the Solution!

Yours, Esmail Khoi
Iranian Poet, London England
Bidar Koja
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Avi Granot, political advisor to the Former President of Israel (Moshe Katsav) responded with this letter:I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter to His Exellency the President of the State of Israel, Mr. Moshe Katsav.It has always been the aim of the State of Israel to live in peace and security with all the peoples of the region and the world and we are doing our best to achieve this.Your efforts to promote peace and understanding among the nations of the world are very much appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Avi Granot
 Political Advisor to the President of Isreal 
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February, 2008
Dear Mr. Zaghi,
The mission of your nonprofit organization, Love Is the Solution, with its simple, direct message of love and peace is one that every person needs to hear.  All of us can benefit greatly by practicing the essential elements you put forth as components of love --  acceptance, fairness,and doing our best.  Such awareness and conscious practice can only lead to a more loving and peaceful world.
I am deeply interested in the quest for peace, and am grateful for all who actively advocate for peace.  I would like to extend my personal expression of appreciation and support for your efforts. I, too, can sincerely say that love is indeed the solution and the way.
Dr.  Michael Bernard Beckwith Agape International Spiritual Center
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,
I am writing to express my appreciation of your work and your nonprofit organization, Love Is the Solution. I find it to be in great harmony with that of my own work in support of peace and goodwill in the world. My activity is primarily in the field of (spiritual) music. I believe it is throught the language and sound of such music that a sense of acceptance, love and grace arises. These are major elements of Love Is the Solution, which its simple, direct message of love and peace. It is a beautiful message your present, in harmony with all voices of peace in the world.
Thank you for your efforts and what you have created in the interest of world peace.

Rickie Byars Beckwith Agape International Spiritual Center Los Angeles, California 
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Dear Mr. Zaghi:
I am writing in response to the remarkably moving letter I received from Melvin Suhd, leader of the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person. The letter speaks of your important mission and activities in the interest of moving toward peace in the world by living and teaching the principles of Love Is The Solution. In today's world, there are endless problems. We suffer from disease, poverty, and injustice. Ignorance and misunderstanding lead us into war and violence of every kind. The only force which can meet these needs and lead us into peace is the power of love.
The name of "Islaam" means peace. Throughout the Q'uran, in countless verses, there are instructions to stand in the power of love, to think in love, and to act in love. In Islaam, truth is composed of love. In the Q'uran, Surah II Verse 177 tells us that all worship and service must be for love, and Surah 76 Verse 8 states that whatever you do must be for love. We are taught that loving others is loving God, that serving others is serving God, that God loves those who love, and that the only way to God is through love.
Everyday we need to be reminded of the importance of living by love. We are busy, we are distracted, we get wrapped up in ourselves, forget to love. Nasser, I wholeheartedly support your mission of bringing happiness to individuals and peace to the world. In fact, I have now incorporated the practice of bringing the Love Is The Solution principles of acceptance, fairness and doing one's best into my daily meetings with those seeking my counsel and guidance. I completely agree that your message of Love is the Solution must be brought to all nations. Your endeavors to remind us, the citizens and their leaders, that especially in these times, of greatest need, we must bring love into our daily actions. I applaud your efforts, and believe your work will be a force for peace.
Imam Mehdi Khorasani
Redwood Mosque, Marin County, California 

Imam Mehdi Khorasani is an extraordinary man of wisdom, clarity and courage.  Born in Karbala, Iraq, Mehdi came from a long line of Persian spiritual leaders. His father, Ayatollah Mirzah Hadi Khorasani, was the leader for many years of the Shiah community, comprised of 250 million followers worldwide. He was the author of 143 books on varied subjects. Mehdi's great-grandfather, Mir Kalan (Great Emir) was the revered political and spiritual leader of his tribe in Khorasan.
Dr. Khorasani completed his theological studies and law degree at the University of Najaf in Iraq and has traveled the world over. Author of 18 books in Persian and English, he established the Islamic Society in London in 1960 and emigrated to the United States in 1974 to establish the Islamic Society of California, where he is still the Imam.
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The pleasure is mine, for knowing such a man -- devoted to the causes of peace and love. I respect your cause, and believe that with honest , organized, precise, constant, and continuous mutual efforts, we can reach our goals accordingly.

It might, at the outset, appear that it is a difficult mission. However, once it takes off, it may be supported by the power of its own motivating motions.

Love is the beginning, the end, the everlasting, the beautiful, the authority, the solution, the benefactor, the support, the apparent, the secret, the concealed and the recovered and discovered one.

Love is light and the enlightenment, the power of creation, and tower of insight, deep reasoning and ethical consciousness. Love is you, love is me, love is the power that pulls us toward each other. Love is the sense and present conscious awareness of an existing and touchable unity of man, unity of others, unity of man with others, and unity between every particle of existence.

Love is the reason for existence, living, and moving toward perfection, because our Creator is the most perfect one. Love is the wet eyes of a farmer looking at a dry sky, hoping for the rain. God may be love too, but love is God only, since love is the most sanctified sensation of life and being. God is the love and the care for all others, being poor, rich, healthy, or sick, ugly or beautiful.

Love is sharing the best with others. God is to share God with all other particles of existence. Love is the hidden and revealed connection between all and the entire universe.
Let's make the knowledge of love and praying love, our common cause and mutual faith.
With Love & Respect,
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Dear Mr. Zaghi:
I was deeply impressed by the passionate idealism and realism that motivates your work on behalf of peace and love in our trembling and uncertain world. Every faith that 1 know of bases itself upon a celebrated verse in the Jewish Bible. In Leviticus 19:18 we read, "Love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord." We love ourselves. We know what it means to be afraid and to be terrorized. We love ourselves and know what it means to go without food and water. Because we know ourselves, we know the"other." Each "other" like ourselves, is created in the image of God and each must be protected from poverty and destruction.

Mr. Zaghi, the Hebrew word for love is "ahavah." According to the mystical tradition, the numerical equivalent of each letter of "ahavah" is thirteen. Thirteen times two is twenty-six, which is the name of God ("YHWH"). With two individuals who love each other, and when two peoples love each other, when two faiths love each other, there we find its goodness of God in this world. If the world is to be saved from dissolution, then love is indeed the solution. Many blessings on your sacred work.
Harold M. Schulweis

Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, California

Rabbi Schulweis's thoughts on Love is the Solution

When I was a young child, my grandfather taught me a lesson whose message is as urgent today as it was intriguing to me yesterday. My grandfather told me that in the Bible, God is said to have created the first human being, Adam, "out of the dust of the earth," the commentators wondered from where was that dust taken?" The answer, "from east and west and south and north." No one place, no one territory, is holier than another. And they asked, "What color was the dust that shaped Adam?" The answer, "The color was yellow and red and white and black."

It was a simple lesson, but it remained with me throughout my life. We are one, and the image of Godliness is breathed into every one of us. "The earth is the Lord's," and we are called upon to reach out to one who seems to be a stranger but must be recognized as a brother or sister, flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone. This is the resident echo that is embedded in the sacred cause of Love is the Solution and in its founder, Nasser Zaghi. I am much moved by the passion of his dreams and the nobility of his mission. Who can deny him our support, our best wishes and our prayers?
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Iread the book with great interest. It contains the seeds of solution to our many world problems. I recommend it to anyone who loves peace and who would like to see a better world.
...Bless you for all your efforts on behalf of peace. Hopefully we will see positive results. Please keep us posted on the international peace gathering...

Rabbi Solomon Schiff Director of the Greater Miami Jewish Foundation Miami, Florida
Rabbi Solomon Schiff - Four-term chair of The National Conference for Community and Justice Clergy Dialogue; chair of the Miami-Dade County Community Relations Board and is a member of the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust. He is a founding member of the Holocaust Memorial Committee and is a member of the Fair Campaign Practices Committee.
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,
Your idea about an international peace education foundation sounds good -- as long as we learn to reason with our mind rather than our feelings.  Love is a delicate solution because it can easily be misunderstood.  In the words of King David, in his Psalms:  “Turn away from evil and do good” (Psalms 34:23).  I feel that my survival was a result of my deep faith in God.
Rabbi Gene Klein, PhD
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It is a pleasure to read Mr. Zaghi's book, "Love Is the Solution." As a follower of the Baha'i Faith I find great harmony between the activities of the Baha'is for establishment of unity and peace in the world and the efforts of Mr. Nasser Zaghi to promote love as the solution to many problems afflicting our societies and the world at large. He has devoted much time and resource to the promotion of his ideal of love for humanity and it is my ardent hope that others will be inspired by his vision to eliminate the mental barriers that separate the human family.
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My Dear Nasser Zaghi,
Ushtá, Radiant Happiness!
We met, we talked and to our surprise, we discovered how much we agreed on the good points of a love-all life. You have had your quest after the TRUTH and I have had mine. You have found it in "LOVE IS THE SOLUTION", and I have found it in "GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS, GOOD DEEDS".
Does it mean the same? Let me present mine so that you and your associates can see how it matches with yours.

"Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds" is the motto of a person whose name is Zarathushtra (Zoroaster in English and Zartosht in Persian). He lived 3700+ years ago. He rose as a very inquisitive person. His quest showed him that the human society suffers because of the lack of love. Stirred by emotions, anger is the very base of all the social ills. It breeds racism, hatred, enmity, greed, aggression, suppression and exploitation. They are Druj, Harm that hurts at large. His quest led him to realize his own self, the environment around, the Cosmos and beyond these, to the Super-Intellect that has created the Cosmos, the orderly creation, only to lovingly promote it to perfection.
This Super-Intellect Essence (Mazdá Ahura) designed the "Primal Principles of Existence" to progressively regulate the Cosmos. They are (1) Asha, to do the right thing, at the right time, at the right place and with the right means to achieve the real right result; (2) Vohu Manah, the Good Mind that LOVES to think good, speak good and act good to achieve all that is rationally good and practically LOVE; (3) Vohu Khshathra Vairya, the Good Elected Order, a democracy based on wisdom, freedom, equality, respect and love that creates a world Fellowship which knows no hatred, no conflict, no war, no hunger, no poverty and no exploitation but the bond that makes every member of the human society perform his/her part in making the world loveable to live in harmony; (4) Spentâ Àramaiti, Progressive Serenity that ensures, perpetuates and promotes the harmony; (5) Seraosha, the Intuition that connects an individual with his/her loving (frya-lover/beloved) Creator; and all these join hands in making the world the most-fresh (ferashotema) and always up-to-date, only to lead to (6) Ushtâ, Radiant happiness for all without discrimination, (7) Haurvatât, Entirety and (8) Ameretât, Eternity to become GODLIKE.

His quest convinced him that mankind enjoys the freedom in thought, word and deed. Good thoughts, words and deeds have their rewards. Bad thoughts, words and deeds have their consequences, consequences which remind one to return to goodness, and every person, sooner or later, achieves goodness. His quest recommended that there should be no punishment, penalty, sanction or vengeance, individually or collectively, but effective and affectionate rehabilitation that would change a wrongdoer into a beneficial righteous, a person undergone a change to love to serve.
His quest inspired him in founding the first universal fellowship. Maz Maga (Great Magnanimity), based on learning, experiencing, practicing and teaching mankind to live in love that leads to radiant happiness, entirety and eternity. He founded Daenâ Vanguhi (Dïn-e Behi in Persian and Good Consciousness in English), a doctrine which teaches that LOVE, based on Vohu Manah, Good Mind, and other Principles of Existence, IS THE SOLUTION.
My quest has led me to realize the TRUTH, best presented by Zarathushtra. Lovingly, I, hand in hand with others, practice and promote it.
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at this time in my life, I look back on many blessings: being an honored father, having enjoyed a long career and many rich life experiences in several fields of endeavor -- including early childhood education and psychology -- the creation and development of the ecumenical, nonsectarian Association for the Integration of the Whole Person, and establishing a university for individualized and integrated learning (the first University Without Walls). I have worked with a multitude of incredibly gifted and celebrated people, and ordained hundreds of individuals in spiritual service. After considering all these wonderfully fulfilling experiences, I have concluded that recognizing the qualities that lay within Nasser Zaghi, and praising him for his inherited genius which the world passionately needs, was a gift from above.

Zaghi chose me as his mentor, to guide him in the development of his peace project, "Love is the Solution". I see the result as the finest, most meaningful and true expression of his legacy to the world. Zaghi is a person whose vision and dedication to peace education has sparked what can become a worldwide shift in perspective, and the eventual realization of true peace for our planet.
I will rest well in the knowledge that Zaghi and his project, Love Is the Solution, are the living expression of service and love in the world, knowing that I played a worthwhile role. If I had not been there to recognize and acknowledge, validate and encourage this in him, it might have lain dormant; it may never have flowered. For this, the intuition and insight I had in seeing him as the spiritual messenger that he has become, I feel blessed and fulfilled in my own mission to recognize and awaken this amazing spirit and purpose.

Mel Suhd
Stacks Image 841
I first met Nasser Zaghi in March 2006. We formed an instant bond that day, discussing much more than the business at hand. I learned a great deal about the man and his remarkable dedication to peace education for the world. I understood Mr. Zaghi’s extraordinary desire and devotion to making our world a better place by promoting love and peace. Over the past six years, he has devoted nearly one hundred percent of his time to introducing his definition of love and peace, not only to the United States but to the world. Zaghi has an incredible vision: world peace is possible through love. I am a witness to his passion and commitment to his mission to deliver peace to the world. His teachings about acceptance, fairness and doing one’s best are inspirational and impeccable principles to live by. I have great admiration for how he established the nonprofit organization, Love Is the Solution (LITS), which is dedicated to international peace education, and turned his dream of creating a Peace Museum and Peace Library into a reality.

When Mr. Zaghi invited me to join the leadership of Love Is the Solution, I did not hesitate for a moment. I joined with him to develop, design, and implement the concept of holding a Teachers’ Peace Gathering in California, Arizona and other states. Educators will gather together with one goal -- to be messengers of peace to the new generation. The project will be expanded globally until this message of peace reaches every corner of the planet.
Mr. Zaghi’s suggestion of allocating 1% of the defense budget of every nation to peace would definitely provide support for a number of global peace efforts, including the budget for teachers’ peace gatherings and peace education efforts worldwide. As an example, “in 2010, United States defense expenditures rose to over one trillion dollars,” according to the 2010 Agency Financial Report from the office of the United States Under Secretary of Defense. One percent of this budget is ten billion dollars, which is more than enough for peace education in USA. The same 1% of total defense budgets of all nations will easily cover peace education all over the world. The long term result of peace education will be a tremendous reduction in world conflict, leading to world peace and a harmonious life for all. Love is the Solution is committed to encouraging all nations to establish a Peace Department, which in itself will be a significant move towards world peace.

Mr. Zaghi has my full confidence and support in this quest to eliminate hatred and war. I will continue to stand next to Mr. Zaghi in reaching out to the world leaders and other peace groups to receive all the help and assistance we need as we walk the pathway to a common goal; and that goal is peace and harmony all over the world.


John F. Rastegar, Ph.D., was born in Iran. He holds master’s degrees in Agriculture, Horticulture and Economy from Universities of Tabriz and Tehran. In Iran, Mr. Rastegar was involved in the management of Dasht e Maghan, the largest government agro-industry investment coalition in the country. After migrating to the United States, he built a successful career in Financial Planning and Insurance and earned several awards and recognitions from leading insurance companies. Through his commitment, passion, perseverance and dedication, John completed his Doctorate’s Degree in Business Administration from the United States International University in California. He later earned his Real Estate Broker Licenses in California and Arizona and became affiliated with various international professional groups, such as International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), International Million Dollar Round Table. He is also certified by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture in Planning. With his achievements and skills, people come to him to seek his expertise and advice. In spite of his abundant success and busy schedule, John never forgets to take the time to give back to the community by remaining active in numerous community service organizations.
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Dearest Nasser,

After many years, I am so glad to have encountered you in Los Angeles – my student and friend from long ago. Our meeting brought back the happy memories of the years I spent in Shiraz teaching at Pahlavi University. It is a cause of great pride that the Engineering graduates of Pahlavi University are all successful in their endeavors, and their goal is service to mankind. Of course, it is common knowledge that to be a student of the School of Engineering at that time, namely forty years ago, was an achievement in itself since you had to pass a National Entrance Exam. But I ask myself, is the individual’s success in the material world sufficient for the happiness of the human race? The answer to this question is obviously no.

From a psychological point of view, a person has eight primary needs for a happy life. Only three of them are physiological basic needs such as food, water and sleep. This theory suggests that after these most basic level of needs have been met, higher level needs such as peace, tranquility and spiritual progress must be met for self-actualization. Only in this way, the person, alongside other people can lead a fulfilling life, enjoy one another’s company, and strive for human betterment and perfection.

Dear Nasser. I am sure of your and the other dear students’ success in your chosen careers, given your educational background I see that, in addition to the professional services you render, your inquisitive and altruistic spirit, which I had noticed in you from the start, has developed. Thus, with your steadfastness and perseverance, you are reaching the highest levels in the service of the ultimate goal, which is lasting peace.

I also join the chorus of supporters of Love is the Solution, because I know that God has planted the gift of love and attraction in the essence of our being. From the beginning of creation, the principles and commandments of all divine religions have converged on this basic rule that “do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you”, and “in the garden of thy heart, plant naught but the rose of love”.

Sincerely,Bijan Saadat

Biography: Iranian born Professor Bijan Saadat, American citizen and highly respected citizen of the city Florence, Italy. A professor of both Engineering and Middle Eastern arts, he is well known for his extraordinary accomplishments over a broad spectrum of fields. Recognized as an architect, engineer, cultural ambassador, sculptor, poet, psychologist, archaeologist, writer, scholar and philosopher, he has several degrees and certifications showing his achievements. He holds 8 doctoral degrees, 15 specializations, and has also received a diploma for conducting symphonic orchestra. Professor Saadat has long held a dream and goal of constructing a temple for peace, and to establish a university for post graduate studies of the culture of peace.

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Dear Mr. Zaghi,

I love your mission of turning hate-based education to love based education. However, until such a time could happen, I believe we need to do our best to reduce global poverty. For years I have studied about the reasoning behind poverty and a large part of it is directly related to the lack of education of children. I decided to join love is the solution for many reasons but the most important is the education of children. Through this organization of love based education the children who need it most will get a chance at a real positive education that will lead them out of hate and poverty into a world that creates a better future for them and the rest of the world. I pledge to you that anything that I can do through my work and contacts to support Love is the Solution I am all in!

Brenda Mejia

Brenda Mejia Bio
Brenda was born in Los Angeles California to parents who emigrated here from Mexico in the early 70’s. Coming from a very large Latin family she knows about poverty all to well. Around the time she turned 15 she had already started gaining fame through beauty pageants and modeling. After winning Miss teen Los Angeles and catching the eye of a talent scout that saw her talent and potential at a very young age of 16 she got her first major record deal with rodven records a international Latin label signing mostly spanish music her musical background and being mentored by the best producers in the music industry. As her career and fame grew in the early 90 s she toured alongside artist Selena as the opening act to becoming a headliner and selling out arenas and being labeled the Latina spice girls of her generation with her female band she was able to do something that had always called to her… to give back to the people and the fans who helped her become a singing sensation all throughout the United States and Mexico. She first started her mission with the children in Tijuana Mexico as her popularity grew she was able to take media outlets and grow her efforts and donations for the children to the point she had her own tv specials on major Latin networks Univision and telemundo also American news oulets vista la kabc channel 7 . The response was so well that she was able to surpass her promise as a child that she will always give back to her community and support the children and be a voice for her community. In 2001 she was named by the people and media as la reina de la cumbia she was the headliner in manzanillo Mexico for a crowd of 35,000 people that showed up in support of her musical talents and amazing heart to the people . She is a singer producer actress also tv producer . having a top 10 neilsons rated tv series to being in front and behind the camera.
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When I first heard about Love Is The Solution from my father Nasser Zaghi, I laughed because I thought it was a silly idea. I didn't really understand what he was going to do with his project. Over time, I learned more about his project and how he wanted to have peace in the world. I, too, want peace in the world. I hope by the time I die that we will have peace in the world. As human beings in this world, we all deserve respect, freedom and peace, no matter which race, religion or color. As I read my father's book, Love Is the Solution, I came to understand more and more about his three principles of acceptance, doing one's best and fairness. In his book he gives his definitions for those three principles, and talks about love and hatred, and how they relate to peace.

I have decided to focus on the principle of doing's one best because I have had many conversations about this subject with my father. When a person is doing their best it means that they always try their best in every situation they come across in life. When a person is doing their best they never have any doubts. When doing one's best, one finds peace, love and completeness. When a person is doing their best, they have no regrets --they don't need to change what they have done in that situation. Also, when doing our best, we don't need to compare ourselves to others, and we are not negative. For example, if Amy gets an A in science and Eric gets a B in science, and they are both doing their best, the results of their efforts are perfect in that situation. Eric shouldn't compare himself negatively to Amy, because each is different from the other; the important thing is that each has done the best they could. We are all unique individuals. We have different talents, gifts and boundaries.

Doing our best means that we have to recognize our flaws and overcome them. Doing our best requires us to apply our absolute best effort to any situation. When doing our best, we will never be "a failure" because we are doing the best we can, giving over 100% effort. When a person decides not to do their best, they will not find true success, peace or fulfillment. Please keep these things in mind in your life, and always try to do your best so you will find fulfillment, peace, love and completeness.

As I write this article, the fifth anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001 approaches. If we truly desire peace, we must always remember what happened, and tell our children, so that we always carry the knowledge of how valuable peace is. When we remember all the heroes of that day, everyone who died, everyone who lost friends and family, we can use that memory as thousands of reasons to dedicate ourselves to the ideal of peace. When we remember the people on board flight 93 who were brave enough to stop the terrorists from hitting still another building filled with hundreds of people, we can honor them by doing our best to become peace advocates, talking about the principles my fathers speaks of in his book. (for more information on flight 93, visit I believe that the memory of September 11 can serve to inspire us all to dedicate ourselves to peaceful resolutions to all world conflicts - peace for everyone.

On a more personal note, I would like to announce that I'm the new secretary of the Love Is The Solution organization. I'm proud to take on this job and I will do my best. I do hope everyone will read and purchase the book, Love Is the Solution by Nasser Zaghi, which will be in bookstores in the spring. I hope that reading the book, Love Is the Solution, will help to move us toward peace in the world. Please go to the website = and do your part. I know we can all help reach a place of peace in the world. Also please feel free to look at the website and email us with your questions or comments. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Dalia Zaghi
student and secetary of Love Is The Solution
Los Altos, California
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,
The mission of our nonprofit organization, The Harp Foundation, is to provide comfort, healing, and well being for individuals in crisis.  There are often special needs which demonstrate how important it is that we embrace and act in keeping with your belief that Love is the Solution. Harp’s universal language touches patients at the heart level.

It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet you on several occasions.  Thank you for inviting us to visit your Peace Art Gallery, Love Library, and International Peace Garden in Los Altos Hills -- there is great need for such public places around the world.

Love Is the Solution, and your peace project plan are worthy of a nomination and announcement of you as a Nobel Peace Prize winner!

Your Teachers’ Peace Gathering is a wonderful start for establishing the International Peace Education Foundation.  Arizona State is University is surely going to appreciate being the first to hold a Teachers’ Peace Gathering event.

Love is the Solution is making its contribution to a future world at peace in a remarkably sincere and dedicated way.  I am very appreciative of your work and support it fully. It is my pleasure to join together in support of Love Is the Solution, and peace education, as the path to peace.

Joyce Buekers, Founder and Executive Director
The Harp Foundation
Phoenix, Arizona

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Ed Anvari has over 25 years of experience in the banking and financial industry. As a senior vice President Of Bank of America Mr. Anvari provided leadership and managed commercial and business Banking in northern California region, managing sales as well as profit &Loss statements. As a Commercial Market executive he was a strong decision maker regarding all personal issues and Performance measurement and development of over 85 business banking officers. Mr. Anvari's academic achievements were accomplished at Notre Dame Notre Dame de Namur University where he earned a bachelor's Degree as well an MBA with concentration in finance. He is also a graduate of Pacific Coast Banking School at university of Washington in Seattle. Since his departure from the banking industry Mr. Anvari As a licensed commercial real estate broker and the president of Shakmar Financial consulting firm is Providing Advice to high network entrepreneurs for short and long term financing in commercial Real estate market in the range of ($5mm to $50mm) to be used for Construction, Land acquisition and Development.

Dear Nasser,

When I think back to our first brief meeting in summer of 1990 for the first time, I Remember the first impression l had of you was that of a man who doesn't just
Talk for the sake of talking. Our communication that day was brief to the point,

And your statements were objective and difficult to disagree with. This is
the Reason I am not surprised to see you involved in your most recent endeavor
LOVE IS THE SOLUTION. This project will live for ages and it reminds me of your

Mind set always thinking long term in most challenges in your life. You have Always correctly stated and felt the longevity of all relationship is attributed to
The level of understanding of all parties involved. Being a realist and having a View of how things evolve as oppose to why is a further testament to your Successes in life. I have always felt it's your pure raw experiences of life which has Prepared and made you in to the person you are today.
I will always recall a statement you made to me years ago that memories in life Are educational and play a pivotal role in becoming a foundation and a moral

Compass in forming principal and discipline in most individuals.
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Dear Mr. Zaghi
In 2002, shortly after 9/11, I decided to open a K-12 school based on teaching kids to be peaceful in the worst violent crime area in Arizona. 
StarShine has joined Arizona State University’s Skysong Educational Center as part of President Crowe’s initiative for Arizona State University to be recognized as a part of his innovation center’s global reach.
During our last two meetings in Arizona, I became more familiar with your mission to establish the International Peace Education Foundation project, and your plan to finance peace education from 1% of national defense budgets.  Your proposed Teacher Peace Gatherings around the world is a wonderful idea.  Of course we are supporting your mission.  In these times of difficulty and lack of hope, those of us with vision must hold hands and support one another.

For the past nine years, StarShine has celebrated the eleven days of peace, in preparation for the United Nations’ Day of Peace, on September 21st of each year. We are pleased to have an opportunity to join together with you on September 21, to present the International Teachers’ Peace Gathering.  Your plan for holding the Teachers’ Peace Gathering in Arizona in September is outstanding, especially as the inaugural event. In regard to teachers teaching peace, starting your project in Arizona, and inviting Oprah Winfrey to participate is an excellent, inspired choice. She is one of the most influential leaders toward causing peace in our history.
Your activities for the International Peace Education Foundation are wonderful,  and are an additional reason why StarShine Academy wishes to join you for the Teacher’s Peace Gathering  and to focus on  “Love is the Solution and Peace is Possible” in celebration of  this global day of peace. 
Trish McCarty, Founder and CEO
StarShine Academy
Phoenix, Arizona
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As a landscape designer, I meet with many different people and a huge variety of tastes, attitudes and purpose.  When I first met with Nasser about his project, I was curious, but perplexed. I haven't had much experience with Persian culture, and the little that I had was not very amiable. 
Nasser Zaghi broke the mold of that stereotype. I wasn't sure I wanted join the design team, but found myself drawn in by his quirky but kind nature. Little did I know that we would become true friends.
Nasser’s quest for peace and peaceful existence has brought me renewed confidence in continuing my own peaceful journey with friends, family, clients and the community at large. Every day, every step, in every situation, I act with love, peace and understanding first......never fear. I charge forward knowing that I have a power to persuade others to act in the same way.
My recent peace garden design and installation is dedicated to Nasser Zaghi in his quest for peace education. It is a small but mighty garden at a school in Newbury Park, California, where the demographics have changed dramatically in the past ten years. It is my hope that this garden inspires all cultures to act in peace, love and understanding every day that they come to school.
Thank you to Nasser for sharing his vision, I am forever grateful to him.

Olwyn Kingery, Landscape Design
Master Gardener 
NWF Eco-school USA consultant
P.O. Box 760
Newbury Park, Ca, 91320
Phone 805 279 9119
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,
Thank you so much for the gift of your book Love is the Solution. It was a pleasure reading it and I am grateful that you felt comfortable sharing your mission in life with me. It gives me great pleasure to see how well you are recovering from your recent knee surgery. I truly believe that your positive outlook on life and great sense of humor have a lot to do with your wonderful recovery.

I am sure that your true efforts for world peace will be appreciated for generations to come. I would like to acknowledge that the definitions for love, acceptance, fairness and doing your best that were made by you in Love is the Solution would be a great help for anyone going through therapy or any type of recovery. I would recommend Love is the Solution to my patients, colleagues, family, friends and anyone needing something positive in their life.

Kim Bailey
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,

Your message of Love is the Solution and Pathway to Global Peace was clearly an inspiration for the audience at the LITS gathering in San Diego audience on September 1, 2013.

Ordinary leaders inspire life transformation.  Nasser, your leadership is extraordinary. Your vision of Global Peace is essential and a must for today’s world.

Your passion for a future world with nothing less than Global Peace is, in itself, truly an inspiration. 

For more than a decade now, I have closely observed your efforts and your life changing journey for fostering Global Peace. Faced with many ups, downs and challenging issues with health, family, and friends, your leadership skills not only withstood, but overcame these challenges, resulting in global recognition and outstanding, positive results. 

-Mo Pahani

Mosen Pahani grew up in the Middle East, active in Bay Area, follower of Eastern, Western, spirituality, philosophy, Rumi. Landmark Introduction Program leader for several years. Advisor and supporter of Love is the Solution a non-profit organization, from the start.
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Dear Mr. Zaghi, It has been my pleasure to voluntarily support your mission for true world peace for quite some time. I have been next to you on several occasions -- meeting with Holiness Dali Lama, on the Gratitude Cruise with Michael Beckwith, at the Daniel Pearl Honorary Peace Ambassador ceremonial gathering in Los Angeles and many more. I have been involved with your Peace Art Gallery, traveled to Los Angeles for communication with your commissioned artist, David Roostaie, and generally have witnessed much of your activity, dedication and personal commitment to Love is the Solution.

I am convinced that you are authentic in your mission. I admit that because I used to know you only as a successful business man, your transformation was hard to believe. I acknowledge that you can make a difference, and I believe your statement that the foundation for global peace will be built by changing world education systems to a base of peace centered education.  In our recent meeting you shared your ideas with me about creating a DVD for your Peace Art Gallery, Peace Library, and other projects -- like publishing a series of books -- such as an album of peace themed artwork from diverse artists, a testimonial book, a DVD about a hatred free world, and so on. Although I make my living working very hard in my own field as a media producer and photographer, I'm more than willing to offer my participation and support for you and the Love is the Solution mission. I am honored to accept your offer to become a member of the Love Is the Solution Advisory Board. I know of several outstanding individuals on your advisory board, one of them being Sima Hashemifar, a wonderful person of great integrity. She and the others are definitely individuals who can make a difference for peace in the world. I am delighted to be in included in your peace education community. Thank you for all you are doing,


Kaveh Nikpour
Producer, Director, Photographer

Kaveh Nikpour
Emmy Nominated Television Producer, Director, Photographer | 408-230-5090 | |

Kaveh has over 20 years of experience in the broadcast video production industry. Nurturing and managing projects from start to finish. Experienced with documentaries, public affair programs, TV series, informational, training and corporate videos for internal and broadcast applications. People oriented and a team player.

Producer, Best of the Bay TV & Best of LA TV | 2009-present
• Producer, short format (60 sec.) & long format (10 minute) business profiles of companies, events, entertainment segments airing on KRON4, San Francisco Area

Producer/Director, KCSM TV-FM, PBS, San Mateo, California |1994-2009
• National and local Documentaries
• In my View; Memories of 911, 30-min. Emmy Nominated
• Railroads in America: Is the Future on Track, 60-min
• The Railroad Empire, 60-min
• Minds Behind the Station, 30-min doc., on NASA’s Space Station
• TV Series National and local distributions:
• Sit and Be Fit (30X30-min), Youth Cinema (13X30-min), SPOTLIGHT! High School Film Festival, Desert Island Jazz (30-min X13), Language of Photography (8X30-min.), Career Advantage (26X30-min),
• Author & Critics (26X30-min), Legal Currents (26X30-min), New California Media (26X30-min), A Higher Education(26X30-min),

Director, Hewlett Packard Television Network, Palo Alto, California | 1991-1993
• Educational/Training Teleconferences, short roll-ins

• Emmy Nomination, Peninsula Press Club Award, ITVA Golden Vision Award, National Educational Media Network, Silver Apple Award, Joey Award nomination.

M.A. Telecommunicative Arts, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
B.A. Architecture, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

• Professional portrait & commercial photography
• Director of Photography, Canon 5D-II & III HDSLR, Panasonic HPX500 & HPX170 , Sony EX1R

Final Cut Pro, Apple Aperture, Avid Media Composer, Photoshop, Illustrator, most Apple platform softwares. Microsoft Office.
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Dear Amu-jon (Uncle) Nasser,
Thank you for founding “Love is the Solution” and for your inspirational messages to our family and the world. It is an honor to our family and to humanity that you are propagating such beautiful messages of love, which you describe as (1) acceptance, (2) fairness, and (3) doing one’s best. I wish to share my support for “Love is the Solution” and to explain why I share with you a vision of global peace.

As you and I have discussed before, I believe that love is at the root of humanity. Love is our acknowledged state of oneness with all of life and our genuine desire for its wellbeing. Daily, I strive to live by these principles: to love my creator, to love myself, and to love my fellow human beings.

While love is our inner nature, in many cases its expression has been obscured by fear, hatred, and ignorance. One only needs to turn on the news momentarily to hear of a murder, a massacre at a local school, or violent strife between two nationalities. Love is the solution. If a person simply recognized that he is one with those he is fighting – and that by hating others he is hating himself – he would surrender his arms and begin to embrace his brothers and sisters. Our world is hungering for love.

As you have said, love emanates from oneself and extends to one’s close family and friends, then to one’s community, and eventually to the world. As Persian Jews and descendants of my grandmother Ehteram Zaghi - a model of love, kindness, and generosity – you and I inherit a rich legacy of love and are woven into this web of peace.

I share with you a vision in which the whole world is enveloped in peace and humanity lives in loving harmony. Love is the Solution is playing an important role in realizing this dream. The establishment of the peace foundation, as well as the new book in draft “Pathway to Global Peace,” and your proposal to donate 1% of defense budgets for peace education are important first steps.

I applaud you in your efforts to create world peace and support you wholeheartedly.
In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “If we are to reach real peace in this world and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with children; and if they will grow up in their natural innocence, we won’t have to struggle, we won’t have to pass fruitless, idle resolutions, but we shall go from love to love and peace to peace, until at last all the corners of the world are covered with that peace and love for which, consciously or unconsciously, the whole world is hungering.”

Sincerely yours,
Justin Zaghi

About the author: Justin Zaghi is the son of Nasser Zaghi’s brother, Hekmat Zaghi. He is currently pursuing a Medical Degree and a Masters of Business Administration at Harvard University.
Stacks Image 1090
Dear Friends and Supporters of Love is the Solution,
What a pleasure it has been to share the spirit, highlights, and initial achievements of Love is the Solution during the recent visit of Mr. and Mrs. Zaghi via New York to meet at my home here in North Carolina. I was delighted when I heard that the Zaghis could attend, in my stead, a very unique gathering of African 1st Ladys coming to the USA.

It was for a formal, invitation-only Awards Gala in the newly renovated United Nations Delegates Restaurant being hosted by Voices of African Mothers to honor the 1st Ladys essential roles toward the Millennium Development Goals on their continent.  Knowing that global, core peace education is essential everywhere, who better than the Founder of Love is the Solution and his beloved wife to be there as subtle, yet vital living expressions of that principle at this high diplomatic gathering.

During the many phone calls prior to their NY arrival, it became joyously clear that seasoned seeds from our many years of mutual yet disparate personal life experiences and guiding principles of two organizations which I had the privilege of founding, the International Human Rights Consortium and the Spalding International Brain Trust, were already blending well.  Indeed, the Zaghis achievements during their short stay in New York and later here in North Carolina continue to yield promise of even greater returns through joint projects like the formalizing of the link with the Tri-Institute headquartered here in the uniquely placed, North Carolina.

Special thanks to Dr. Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri for encouraging me to meet with Mr. Zaghi and seriously to reflect upon working together with him to enhance shared goals and achievables, bringing greater individual dignity, environmental wellness, and sustainable peace to our precious planet and all on it.    
With warmest regards,
Wilda C. Spalding
Stacks Image 6958

I admire what the "Love is the Solution" Foundation does, the cause of World Peace is one I embrace fully and currently work on. 
 When I speak about peace, my first line is:
 I believe these few words contain some of the deepest drops of wisdom and truth. 
 The first step is not pronouncing the word "Peace", 
The first step is to stop being afraid, and start communicating, educating people, no matter the differences, the religion, the boundaries, the secular traditions, and the assumptions we created through false information and ignorance. 
 Peace is a journey made by many chapters in a book called EDUCATION. I'm humbly walking that journey.
Valentina Castellani

Valentina Castellani was born in Florence, Italy, where her family owned since the 1800’s an Opera House Theatre, the “Teatro Verdi”. Her Grandfather Riccardo Castellani was one of the most important producers and distributors of the Golden Era of Italian cinema. Growing up behind the stage, watching operas, plays and ballets, obviously had a strong influence on her. She graduated from college, majoring in arts and painting, and acquired a Master degree in Fashion Design at FIT in collaboration with the University of Florence, Fine Arts. 
Valentina worked as a designer for major international brands such as PRADA - GUCCI - JEAN PAUL GAULTIER - TIERRY MUGLER - KENZO - GUESS and many more.
In 2012, Valentina Castellani created Quinn Studios, in memory of Francesco Quinn, her husband and son of Oscar winning actor Anthony Quinn, deceased on August 2011. 
Quinn Studios is a production and post production company, formed by part- ners Valentina Castellani and Massimiliano Musina. Quinn Studios continues the Quinn Legacy in the fields of entertainment, the arts, and world peace.

In 2012, Quinn Studios produced the documentary series “Life On A Bike” based on the Italian pro cycling tour Giro D’Italia, filmed across 11 countries. In 2014,

 Quinn Studio co-produced the movie “The Butterfly’s Dream”, candidate for Academy Award and Golden Globe 2014, as Best Foreign Movie. Also winner of 13 International Awards, including the Milano International Film Festival, the World Sound Track Academy 2014, the Siena Film Festival 2014. 
Quinn Studios also helped on the post production of “The Square”, a documentary on the Egyptian con- flict, which won all major International Awards, including the Directors Guild Award 2014, Sundance Film Festival 2014, Berlin Film Festival, Dubai Film Festival, and more.

Quinn Studios just completed an Award Winning documentary film about the Dome of the Rock in Israel from the perspective of the three major religions
. “One Rock Three Religions” , just won the Jury Grand Prix at the Siena International Film Festival 2015, in Italy, and it‘s been officially selected for the Hollywood Film Festival, The Milano Film Festival, the Jerusalem Film Festival, The NY Film Festival. 
"One Rock Three Religions"  is made with the support of UNITED NATIONS, UNESCO The Council on Foreign Relations, The World Affairs Council, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, The McCain Insititute for International Leadership, Seeds Of Peace, The Vatican, The Wiesenthal Center, The Muslim Public Affairs Council and a number of International Organizations.
The Film has been selected for an Official Screening with the US Congress, in Capitol Hill, Washington DC, scheduled for Jan.26th 2016. 


Speech for The UNITED NATIONS/UNSESCO  Presentation of the Documentary:

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Dear Mr Zaghi, meeting you has been a kind of coincidence that I would rather call a "sign" and when you started explaining to me your project I was, as you remember, speechless. The reason was that the nobleness of your idea, your passion and dedication. Also the number and level of people that have already shown support for your project were really impressive. Everything seems to indicate that what you are doing and the way you are pursuing your vision, as ambitious at it could appear, are right. I'm convinced that everybody who share the same ambition, and I cannot imagine anyone who doesn't, should do everything in his or her power to make such a dream and vision come true. When we met, you ask me which was my idea of Peace in light of my diplomatic experience and I promised to give you an answer. Well, in a nutshell, let me start mentioning a quote someone told me when I was a young diplomat and I quote: "when the diplomats fail, the generals take over". Diplomacy is definitely a way to Peace, diplomacy means to understand and then to talk and to negotiate. Diplomacy is the never ending effort to keep the dialogue always open, no matter what. Diplomacy is to never shut down the possibility to find a common ground and on that common ground to make a step forward. And as small as each step could be, we should never loose the hope to be able to make another step in the right direction and then another and another and so on until the all process, as long as it could be, will be positively concluded. I personally see the overall process toward Peace as a very similar one. It needs understanding, first of all, and then patience, determination and good will. But what is really crucial to reach and have Peace, is the capacity to look forward and not backward and this is only possible if you can forgive. There is another quote that I would like to mention. Translated from French it sounds: "to understand everything is to forgive everything" and let's remember that to forgive is the highest expression of Love. As you can see, I couldn't agree more with the title of your book and of your mission. Love is the key and teaching a culture of Love is the solution to have Peace. Thank you again for what you are doing and be reassured of my support. I will be honoured to stay on your side in this noble journey and very pleased to help you in every possible way to spread the culture of Love and to make sure that future generations will have Peace. Best regards Folco de Luca Gabrielli

Ambassador Folco de Luca Gabrielli
, a former Italian carrier diplomat, is the Executive Chairman of a consultancy firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, he's collaborating with companies in Italy and in Los Angeles and he is Senior Fellow at the International Economic Alliance (IEA), a non-partisan, independent, non-profit organisation based in Cambridge, MA.
He has been the Ambassador of Italy to Singapore and the Ambassador of  Italy  to  Malaysia. 
Amb. de Luca Gabrielli was also the head of the IT Centre of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in early 2001 was seconded to the Italian Prime Minister’s Office in charge of the International Affairs Service.
During the 90's, Mr. de Luca Gabrielli was appointed Consul General in Hong Kong and then Consul General in Los Angeles. His first posting was at the Italian Permanent Mission to the International Organisations in  Geneva, then to  Kampala as Deputy Chief of  Mission and to Teheran in charge of the embassy’s economic/trade division.
Amb. de Luca Gabrielli completed a degree in Law at the University of Milan, a Diploma in High European Studies at the College of Europe in Brugge. He also graduated from ISPI (Institute for International Political Studies) in Milan.
He is married, the father of a young boy, and he is an avid golfer.

Folco de Luca Gabrielli

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Dear Nasser,
You define love so beautifully, because you define it so differently. With the inclusion of acceptance, fairness, and doing your best, a universal truth. I am sure that all good persons will support your message of love. As you have so beautifully defined it, the consequences of practicing love in this way can ultimately lead to peace and happiness for the world and all of its people.

From my perspective as an artist, I believe that it is impossible to create truly good art without love as you define it. In fact, it has been observed throughout history that the power of love creates art. I am proud that I have created many paintings that reflect a message of unity in the world, and am happy to have put much of my artistic effort into serving humanity. I am also happy to have been able to give several of my works to individuals and causes that support peace and unity in the world.

At your request, and with your loving encouragement, I am going to create a painting that shows both the prevention of promoting hate, and shows the positive message of promoting love; and another painting that shows the world free from hate, filled with love. These paintings will be my personal expression of Love is the Solution, and will be created with love, with the principles of acceptance, fairness and going my best. I will do these-paintings for the world, and I hope that they will eventually be housed at the United Nations.

Los Angeles, California
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"In these days of uncertainty and unrest Nasser Zaghi's message of love is timely. His message needs to be applied to every person in every country. We applaud Nasser Zaghi for taking on this commitment to world peace that is truly overwhelming.
Using his principles of acceptance, fairness and doing one's best will benefit each of us in our daily lives. We need to develop an attitude of love and be more loving to others we come in contact with. It not only helps us, it helps them! This is how the message of love is spread!
Love is THE Solution. Generously share your love and be a part of the solution!"
--Dottie Walters(1924 – 2007)
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,

I met you and Mr. Michael Beckwith on the Ocean of Gratitude Cruise in February of 2008. I was impressed with the passion you had for “PEACE-BASED EDUCATION” in the world and your beautiful book, Love is the Solution-“Peace is Possible”. It is a book that will be a tool for humanity for years to come!

I agree with His Holiness the Dali Lama, “YOUR BOOK IS A GLOBAL PEACE LANGUAGE”.

Thank you for sharing your follow up book “PATHWAY TO GLOBAL PEACE” in the Love is the Solution series. Yes it is now time to let the world know how to put into action the message of Love Is the Solution. It is wonderful to see you sharing the next step!
Mr. Zaghi not only do I agree with you, Love is the Solution, but also as my contribution towards global peace I would like to dedicate I CHOOSE LOVE, “ LOVE AS THE SOLUTION” as a DVD to help and accelerate your mission.

In Light & Love,
Shawn Gallaway


Love is the SOURCE, and within the SOURCE there is WHOLENESS, within WHOLENESS there is HEALING, within HEALING there is PEACE, within PEACE there is JOY, and within JOY there is LOVE! With LOVE and LIGHT we create an ENLIGHTENED world!

Obviously I agree with you, Mr. Nasser Zaghi, Love is the Solution!

I wish you great success toward your mission.
In Light & Love

Bio – Shawn Gallaway
Shawn Gallaway is a singer/songwriter, visual artist, author, ceremonial healer, workshop facilitator, Energy Worker and Certified Lifeline Practitioner. He has traveled throughout the world sharing his message of Healing Through the Arts, and branding Conscious Music, which is music with a purpose — to awaken the collective heart of humanity to Love! His I Choose Love song and global movement continues to encircle the world over, igniting the hearts of people everywhere to consciously move with Love each day in their relationships, actions, words, and commitments.

As a workshop facilitator and a ceremonial healer, Shawn has assisted and blessed many over the years with his keen insight and his ability to bring a sense of humor to the healing process. He has also stepped into the role of a screenwriter, combining all his gifts into a multimedia theater production and film called The Choice. The Choice chronicles the healing journey of eight brave men and women who, together, choose Love and walk the path of the Heart, transforming their fears into love in service to humanity and the earth. The Choice can best be described as a healing experience that can enlighten and inspire people to loving action in the world through the use of the arts.
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Dear Mr. Zaghi:
I have  had the opportunity to read your book, Love Is The  Solution, and research your Peace Project.  As I said in my  testimonial, I will help to spread your teachings and support your  message in any way that I can.
The purpose of this letter is to request a purchase order of 250  books.  With these 250 books, my partner and I plan to distribute them  to people whose lives can be impacted for the better.
We feel that your message should be taught to school children everywhere. Our first goal is to reach students in Southern Nevada.  We believe  that the Challenger School in Las Vegas will be a perfect place to  start as their philosophies mirror yours.
The ideas shared in your book and the methods that Challenger School utilize are both rooted in helping people to live honestly, with  integrity, and to always do one's best in life.
Due to the complimentary nature of the goals of your project and the  aspirations of this school, we believe that Challenger will be a  fertile ground to spread "Love" as the solution.
We hope that by reaching these young people early in life that we can  help them to become adults who are led by neither peer pressures nor  common sentiment, but by the strength of their own thinking and love  for their fellow human beings.
Hopefully, with the impact from your book, these students will never have to experience hate and can lead lives guided by the principles in  your teachings.

Jessica Henning
broker for STATUS International Real Estate
Las Vegas, Nevada.
c. 858.750.5200    toll free: 800.715.1500
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Dear Nasser:
You and I have spent a good deal of time discussing your dedication to your self-imposed work of bringing to the world the impact of the power of love. You have boiled your thoughts down to the simple phrase that "love is the solution." That phrase encompasses a depth of action that humanity will have to make part of its daily human experience or there is no possibility of peace. This is probably the worst time in the history of mankind to bring this kind of message and it is also probably the best time.The World - the masses of people - must look at themselves and see that their frenzy of killings, their horrible neglect of each other with the mass starvation and disease throughout the Mideast, Africa and Europe, North and South America, is evidence of a race for self-destruction. Since recorded history the fundamentals have not changed. The chief religions of the World have all attempted and failed to preach some variant of "love is the solution."Yours is the simple approach to meet difficult opportunity: 1) It is every person's responsibility to meet life's challenges with an attitude of loving acceptance, 2) each person to act with fairness to the other and 3) everyone be dedicated to doing his best in every way. That, in essence, is what "love is the solution" is about.It takes no temples to achieve the result. It takes no ambassadors, no priests, no rabbis or imans to achieve. All it takes are ordinary people. One person talking to another person. And the message does not lake an adverse position to any of the great faiths of the World, Therefore the basic organization for the development of this human desire must be addressed. Your own dedication and the dedication of a small group of people is just the beginning. I am sure you are working on a plan for a World-wide dissemination of your basic and simple idea.
I admire your work, your dedication and wish you well. If there is anything that lawyer's groups can do to develop your idea that is within my power I will be glad to help.

Yours very truly,
Eugene J. Majeski
San Francisco, California


Eugene J. Majeski has been practicing law in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 50 years. He has tried in excess of 200 jury trials in state and federal courts. He is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, a Diplomate of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers and a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers.
Mr. Majeski was named Trial Lawyer of the Year in 1989 by the American Board of Trial Advocates and was elected to the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame by the Litigation Section of the State Bar of California in 1995.
Mr. Majeski is a past president of the San Mateo County Bar Association and the Association of Defense Counsel. He has been listed in the Best Lawyers in America since its first publication in 1984.

Mr. Majeski was born in Chicago, Illinois, and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from DePaul University in 1936 and his law degree in 1940. He was admitted to practice in Illinois in 1940 and in California in 1946.
Spiritual Coach, clearing home energies, balancing through aura and chakra, balancing through the conscious and subconscious mind, removal of all negative energies from the body, balancing the body.

Azar Morovati was born in Iran, to a family that believed in unconditional love. At the age of eight, she had a near death experience, and she says that it was beautiful. She spent her younger years writing poetry, and later became a school teacher.

In 1985, during the terrible war and bombing in Iran, Ms. Morovati moved to Europe with her two children. After six months, they traveled to America, later becoming citizens of the United States. After her marriage, she was involved with raising her children and helping in the family business. Even though she was very busy, she was continuously drawn to seek knowledge of life’s meaning and purpose. She was very interested in the mysteries of the world, and so, she began to study intently, looking for answers to the questions that lay deep inside. During her years of searching and studying, she found the Kabbalah, which spoke of metaphysics. She continued to pursue her interest in the Kabbalah, and found all the answers she had been seeking for so long. She felt a powerful surge of feelings about the importance of helping others to find their way, eventually earning a diploma in hypnotherapy, massage, and child development. 

Azar Morovati’s awareness and knowledge of present and past spirits are beautifully expressed in her power to comfort people suffering from pain in the physical body, and her ability to help them balance the emotional center of energies in the body as well. She has also studied the field of life after death.

Azar Morovati is a very well known advocate for peace. Many know her from the program, “Universal Oneness”, which she brought to global television. In this program, she shares the primary words that have formulated important messages from the Kabbalah, urging unity for all humanity.

Ms. Morovati has served the community by presenting several well attended classes and seminars. She is a spiritual coach. All her life, she has envisioned peace in the world and love for all people. She has the unique power to change the energies around people and places by the very vibrations emanating from her hands. She is able to clear all the negative energies our minds have created around us. 

Ms. Morovati speaks of Oneness, which brings peace to the world. In her opinion, we are born to make a true paradise on earth, and this will happen when we give each other love. From love and being united, we create peace on earth. Her belief is that our life is a kind of ride that will take us to heaven, which means satisfaction. Our seatbelt on this ride is love and faith. Without this safety belt, we will lose our way.
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Dear Nasser,
It's been many years that I have witnessed your tireless and selfless act in cultivating World Peace through the Love Is The Solution (LITS) organization.

The direction you have taken in starting planting the seed of peace in one heart at a time is a sound and wise path.

Softening of the solid dogmatic belief systems occurs through collective awakening. We can crack open the hearts that have basic goodness innate in them. Given the sound education from the ground up, the human heart is ready for manifesting love and peace.

Your project; working on the peace education has never been this urgent in the history of human kind as we have constructed systems that have erected barriers between humans. The sense of "OTHER" is what you are trying to dissolve and I fully support you in this respectable endeavor of creating a true sense of "UNITY".

It is only through planet mindfulness and peace education that we can calm the minds and bodies of the human beings wrapped up with prejudice and anger.

Your steadfastness and perseverance matches the noble goal you are pursuing. I wish you success in attracting people with the right attitude of the heart to accomplish this sacred triumphant goal.
With Gratitude,
Sima Hashemifar
Material Scientist-Teacher of The School of Practical Philosophy

Sima has over ten years of experience in the semiconductor industry, in senior engineering positions at Intel, National Semiconductor, and KLA-Tencor Corporations. Prior to moving to the states to continue her education, Sima was the director of Mechanical/Metallurgical division at the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI), where, in 1988, she was awarded the Ministry of Industry's highest ranking award as the expert of the year.

Sima earned her B.S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Science and Technology in Tehran, Iran, where she ranked first in her graduating class. She earned her M.S. degree in Materials Science & Engineering from University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.

In addition to her graduate studies and research at the University of Washington, Sima also developed a program for the Women in Engineering (WIE), which resulted in increased number of women completing first year of engineering studies. She was recognized with an award from the Western Regional Women in Engineering Association in both 1992 and 1993 for her contributions. Sima founded Spiritual Harmony in 2006 and has extensive experience in the field of self actualization through different integrated methods of East/West philosophies. Sima continues teaching courses in the Santa Clara branch of the School of Practical Philosophy.
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Dear Mr. Zaghi & Friends of Love is the Solution:
I am a proud wife and mother of three beautiful Peace-Loving children.  It’s been an honor knowing you & Love is The Solution organization.  What a joy it’s been to join you in this very important effort & mission to bring more Peace to our Children’s World…as you know this is not only my Professional Passion but also my Personal Mission.   As a Child Psychologist, and an early childhood educator I believe “Love Is The Solution”.  When I teach Peace Learning Parenting to my Mommy Groups, the most talked about topic of interest has always been “Compassion”…parents want to know how to form that “Love Connection” with their baby.  This very authentic interest of parents in “Love & Compassion” is a clear evidence for why Love Is The Solution. 
The truth is, Love is what brought us together.  My mom’s love for you…my mom’s love for me… my love for my family…my love for my very dear friend who was going through severe heartbreak and suffering at the time…my Prayers & Compassion for my friends…my daughter’s love for the White Dove visiting our home (a very interesting spiritual experience/story to be told one day!)…my friend’s love for you & humanity …your love for your family…your love for humanity… your beautiful family and their love for humanity, family, and friendship… and so forth…So, dear Mr.  Zaghi, on behalf of my family, friends, and humanity, we are eternally grateful for your efforts…. Love is the Solution’s effort to educate and encourage all persons to engage in more Fairness, more Love and Acceptance, more dedication to doing one’s Best, and your eternal commitment and determination to Cultivate More Peace and Love for all.
Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri, Ph.D.

Bio-Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } A:link { so-language: zxx }
Dr. Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in working with Children, Youth & their Families. In her practice, she focuses on helping children and their families Cultivate Peace, and Good Mental Health using Family Prevention and Early Intervention Modalities.  She has been in Clinical Practice, and teaching Peace Learning Parenting Groups, and Toddler Groups for over ten years.  Dr. Nelly is also a member of the the Amen Affiliated Education Center and The Amen Clinics.
In addition to working one-on-one with patients, Dr. Farnoody-Zahiri has produced and hosted educational and psychological talk shows in Los Angeles' Iranian-American community since 2001; She co-hosted Momtalk LA, and Peace Learning Parenting on American Farsi Network in 2012.  She has conducted presentations at conferences and seminars, such as the Mental Health Summit on Biculturalism, and Early Childhood Development.  She has also been involved with the International Society For Traumatic Stress Studies. 
Attributing her success to her hard work, good education and persistence, Dr. Farnoody-Zahiri became involved in her profession through her passion for working with children and families. She received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University. She earned a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from the same school, and her BA in Psychology from University of California in San Diego.  Dr. Farnoody-Zahiri is a member of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association, as well as the American Psychological Association. She is affiliated with both Division 46 Peace Psychology and Division 48 Media Psychology. Looking ahead, Dr. Farnoody-Zahiri hopes to further develop her Peace Learning modality in Children's Media and Educational Programs.
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Dear Mr. Zaghi, It is a pleasure and an immense honor to meet a man of such commitment, integrity, and passion as you. Having just returned from a trip to Middle East it has become so much clearer to me how crucial your message of love is for our world, and I intend to work closely with you to fulfill on the vision and mission for world peace.

Los Angeles, California
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Nasser's vision is simply miraculous. It is the vision of a great heart. Only love/God could conceive of this - a plan for peace that is infinitely good. I bless him, love him, and thank him for acting from his loving heart and bringing his vision to the world.
Love love love yes yes yes

Christiane Schull
Creator of The Prosperity Circle
Teacher, coach, speaker and author
Los Angeles, California
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The biggest problem and block to achieving peace is mankind's ability to make excuses for hating others. Zaghi, this book and your drive [regarding] acceptance, love, fairness and doing one's best is the key to solving the most difficult problems in my work. Saving life is the only world peace and I will be using this as a model in all of my negotiations as a hostage negotiator.
International Association of Hostage Negotiations, New York
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All life experience is to accept and grow into love. Knowing that the Divine Presence is everywhere and nowhere. When we learn to care indiscriminately, we then come into Oneness.

Mark Lamm Founder
Biosync Research Institute
Viejo, California
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Dear Mr. Nasser Zaghi,

After reading your inspirational book, Love is the Solution, I have realized that your thoughts and feelings regarding the promotion of love and peace throughout the world are very much compatible with mine.  It is therefore a pleasure and an honor to extend my sincere cooperation towards this noble cause, and help spread your message to every single person around the globe.
I am a firm believer that God measures the value of individuals by putting His yardstick around their hearts, not their heads.  You certainly measure high on either scale which makes you a very special person. You have all my support and I look forward to long and fruitful friendship and cooperation between the two of us. 

Farrokh Javid Publisher, News Editor & Anchor for Persian T.V. and Radio
Los Angeles, California.
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,

It has been a pleasure to meet you and learn of your wonderful nonprofit organization.  I am impressed with the passion you have for peace education in the world.  Your beautiful book, Love Is the Solution – Peace Is Possible, is something everyone should read.   Perhaps then they would better understand the
importance of love, in terms of acceptance, fairness, and doing one's best, and how those principles can lead directly to a peaceful future for the world.

We are pleased to invite you to the Ocean of Gratitude Cruise 2008, leaving February 16 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, returning February 24.  You will be joining Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Christiane Schull, among others.   We would like to introduce you to the participants, and invite you to share your peace project and plans with us.

You have created an artful, beautiful work that carries a timeless message of love and peace.   I extend my sincere appreciation and agreement with your message and look forward to the experience of your participation on board the cruise.


Karol Avalon
Executive Producer
Oceans of Gratitude Cruise
Ojai, California
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Zaghi talked with a group of young Middle Eastern Jewish, Palestinian, Moslem and Christian students/researchers, sharing ideas about how to make peace in the Middle East. The conclusion: Peace IS Possible.
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,
It was very nice to meet you in Fiji with Tony Robbins. We are very happy to meet another good person who is working to change the consciousness of the world through love and awakening. Our work with Ken Wilber and Roshi Bernie Glassman, called "Vast Sky", is also dedicated to this purpose.

Love, Genpo Roshi Zen Master, Big Mind Zen Center Salt Lake City, Utah
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,

It is only through inner peace that the world will one day know world peace. I am honored and humbled by the clear vision you have to help raise the consciousness of humanity. Love is the solution. Keep shining!

With infinite Love and Gratitude,
Dr. Darren Weissman
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,
You with your highly respectable and magnificent goal bring hope and joy to like-minded people whose life mission is spreading love among human species. Your step-by-step plan for bringing peace among world citizens based on foundation of love is a commendable and praiseworthy goal. I applaud you on your endeavor and have no doubt that with your perseverance and god’s help your goal will become a reality in a near future.
With Love and Light,
Host of TV program “Journey within”
Shahpar Mossavar Rahmani
Internationally Known Hypnotherapist & Healer
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My dearest friend and associate, Mr. Zaghi:
I am grateful to you for sharing your inspiration, and want you to know that I whole-heartedly agree with your concept of "Love is the Solution". In turn, I want to share an inspirational story that has so profoundly affected my two sons, who are both physicians dedicating their lives to a sacred mission. At the peak of their young adulthood, while finishing medical school, they were both stricken with a rare and debilitating genetic disease. This has inflicted a great shock to the heart of our family. We all watched in agony as their strong young bodies deteriorated so drastically in such a short period that they both were ultimately confined to wheelchairs.
We learned that the greatest medicine to alleviate our tortured souls was to choose the path of love in seeking peace of mind. It enables us to endure the pain as we try to understand why this happened to them. Our strong belief in your concept of "Love is the Solution" helps us understand that it is more important to have a healthy soul than a healthy body. It is the only way we are able to accept and cope with the pain my two sons endure each day as they pursue their divine mission. They share an oath to help others who are susceptible to contracting the same rare disease that has invaded their bodies. Their relentless pursuit of a solution has given them the strength to accept the painful effects of the disease that has afflicted them.
Love is the power inspiring my sons to find a cure so that others in the future will not fall victim to this mysterious illness. Their mission of self-sacrifice is defined by your three simple principles. Just as people arrive at destinations in the world from any of four directions (north, south, east, and west), we also arrive at solutions to life's problems by following any of the three paths implied in your formula (Love: Acceptance, Fairness, and Doing Your Best).
The journey of acceptance and self-sacrifice was chosen by my sons so that they might prevent others from suffering as they suffer. For them, both practicing doctors now, finding a cure for this debilitating disease has given great meaning and purpose to their lives. They believe it is God's way of testing their faith and determination.
Although they are physically impaired, they are intellectually capable and mentally prepared to find a solution through love, dedication, and self-sacrifice. They have vowed to use all their resources to discover a cure for this brutal disease and wipe it from the face of the earth. It is my prayer that they will achieve their mission, and after doing so, will continue working for the benefit of others. I marvel at the strength God has given them through His love. Rather than surrender to their suffering, they rejoice in the belief that God has chosen them to help save other young people from experiencing the same fate.
I wish you continued success in your divine pursuits, just as my heart holds great hope for my sons in accomplishing their mission. I am confident that you will succeed, as I whole-heartedly believe my sons will achieve the goal that God has placed before them. The power of faith will lead you along the path of love as you continue seeking solutions to the challenges of life.
Please know that my family and I are fellow believers of "Love is the Solution" as the power to achieve greater peace and tranquility within our souls and throughout the world. We ask that you contact us if we can be of any service in supporting your wonderful work for humanity.
May God be with you in every step of your journey enlightening the people with the great concept of "Love is the Solution" to a more peaceful, happy, and productive life.

Shokouh Darvish
Co-Founder, Advancement of Research Myopathies
Los Angeles, California
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Erik Camberos

- San Francisco Sheriff's Department Jail Program Manager Resolve to Stop the Violence Program

My view of a world without hate would truly be heaven on earth. The smaller picture is that there are so many without love for themselves, let alone for someone else. The work I do [is] with inmates who are incarcerated in San Francisco, [who] have so little hope. Our program is to get them to learn empathy so they will not [continue to] commit the same crimes. But most of all, the work that is done with them is to find their "authentic selves", and allow them to just be, and not to fuse with every situation as if it were life and death.
Erik Camberos San Francisco Sheriff's Department Resolve Stop The Violence Project  San Francisco, California

Delia Ginorio

- Survivor Restoration Director San Francisco Sheriff's Department Resolve to Stop the Violence Project

Dear Nasser, It has been a pleasure meeting you and having you as part of my journey of self love and acceptance. Yes, "Love Is the Solution". Our joining together will be in living it so othere will follow.
Peace, Always, Delia Survivor Restoration Director San Francisco Sheriff's Department Resolve Stop The Violence Project  San Francisco, California
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The principles of this spiritual peace organization and Nasser Zaghi's book Love is the Solution are so incredibly relevant to individuals and teams leading transformational change in business today. Business leaders have a responsibility to practice these principles every day.

Paul G. Ward, Ph.D. Business Transformation Consultant New York
Stacks Image 1072
Lenore Henning, R.N. is the President of the American Nurses Training
Association, Inventor of "The Beata Clasp", and a 35-year veteran of
clinical bedside nursing. She has worked extensively on increasing
awareness of patient safety issues and her "Bringing Safety Back to
the Bedside" and "Ask Me Anything" campaigns have been very well

Love guides Lenore every day as she practices focused kindness and
compassion one patient, one neighbor, one life at a time. She knows
that when people are in pain, in fear, or confused, the person helping
them matters in an entirely different way. Lenore acts upon the
philosophy of "love as the solution" daily and implements the
principles of doing one's best, fairness, and acceptance in everything
she does.

Lenore believes that by bringing love into every situation, that a
better outcome will result.  The quote "Let no one come to you without
leaving better and happier," by Mother Teresa best captures Lenore's
impact on others.

Lenore Henning
Retired Nurse
Chicago, Illinois

For further information, contact Lenore at
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,
I am very thankful to my parents, Dr. Rahmat Ollah Raffi and Mojgan Neydavoud , who introduced me to you and gave me the opportunity to meet with you. It is such a delight to know a passionate, thoughtful, caring, and committed individual like yourself. Your message and your mission is what the world has been dreaming about for generations. The day that the world learns and believes that "Love is the Solution" is the day that it has realized the purpose of life. What better way of spreading peace than by teaching the constructive act and joy of love.  

As a marketing professional and a graphic designer, I would love to have the opportunity to contribute my knowledge and skills to your remarkable organization. It would be my pleasure to design a logo for your organization that would, at a glance, convey your message to the masses.
Warmest Regards

Caroline Raffi
Marketing Executive
Stacks Image 1211
I am honored to know Mr. Zaghi, who has brought his idea of “Love Is The Solution” to worldwide attention and to the universal mind. At this time, when hatred has conquered love and we have war instead of peace, we really need someone like Nasser Zaghi to brighten “The Path of Life” with his message, which is Love. Everybody knows that life cannot exist without love and that is the most important truth Mr. Zaghi has found. He wants to share this truth with all humanity – worldwide.
Many thanks to Mr. Zaghi for his great idea and message: “Love Is The Solution”.
Azar Morovati wrote the following passage for the Love is the Solution book:
The sound of color is love, peace, and faith.
The multiple of colors is white.
The color of white is Oneness (being united).
The color of Oneness is love.
"Love is the Solution"
If we practice these three steps that Mr. Zaghi brought to his mission:
1. Acceptance, 2. Fairness, 3. Doing one's best,
We can bring heaven to earth.
Thanks, with love and light, 
Azar Moravati
Spiritual Coach
Los Angeles, California
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,
Thank you for your support and coming to the UN for the event on June 13, 2013. I too believe that Voices of African Mothers is a very important organization and I’m honored to have served as the keynote speaker for this year’s event.

As per their site, “Voices of African Mothers” (VAM) believe that women’s education and empowerment are fundamental to the development of African nations. The people of Africa believe in the values of open, inalienable human rights, and wish to lift future generations out of sickness, poverty and war.

For Years the African Continent has been in a state of turmoil causing the life of the ordinary citizen to become insecure and uncertain. It may take time, but confidence, courage and trust will make it possible! A prosperous and proud Africa is a distinct possibility.”

I believe that your organization for Iran is also very important and can lead to more peace in the world. I agree with you that love is the solution and that international peace education is fundamental to the world. A newborn baby only knows love for everyone. Hate is not natural and occurs through being taught to hate one group or another. This can become a belief system. Through proper education this belief can change back to one of universal love and respect.

As a Psychoneurologist I know that one’s belief system creates their view of the world. With proper training patterns can be changed and the results can be astounding. As an International Consultant on Business Continuity-Disaster Recovery, and Psychology and an International Speaker and Author on the same subjects, I have assisted leaders in finding personal peace and spreading it to those that they influence.

Peace will be achieved when the World Leaders and Business Leaders take personal responsibility for educating the masses on the importance of love within the world. By starting with one person at a time, the spread of peace can be achieved much faster than the spread of war and hatred.
I appreciate your continuing support. We have a long way to go in bringing world peace as a way of life.
Yours truly,
Dr. Michael C. Redmond, PhD
Psychoneurologist and Business Continuity -Disaster Recovery
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,
I had the pleasure of meeting you at the World Affair Council in San Francisco a few weeks ago for the Bam 6.6 Humanity Has No Borders press conference.  I am so much in love with your book Love is the Solution that I can say without a doubt, is the most fascinating and compassionate book that I have ever come across about love.
The essence of love is not what we think or do, or provide for others, but mostly how much we give to ourselves: Be full of love for others; we should stop judging others according to appearances and start viewing them in a humanistic way. We must learn to love; I think it is not easy because real love takes practice and knowledge. We must retrain ourselves to think and act in loving ways; I think you can not learn to love by yourself - you must develop relationships with many different kinds of people from the world in order to practice loving others.  I think loving means respect for every human being; being kind and sincere. 

Learning to love is life's most important lesson. You can see the true love of Iranians in Bam 6.6 Humanity has No Borders.
Jahangir Golestan Parast
Film director and producer
Bam 6.6 Humanity Has No Borders
San Francisco, California
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Dear Nasser:
I was honored to serve you at the Oneness Conference in Fiji in 2007. I am deeply moved by your passion and commitment to create peace. You are a true ambassador of peace: Someone who leads through actions and with humility and compassion.

Love is the Solution is a true gift to humanity, an opportunity to go beyond ourselves and serve others. We live in a world where conflict is permanent and pervasive, where it's easier and more convenient to hate rather than love.

Gandhi wrote that the real war in the world is fought on the battlefield of our souls. Most of us are losers in that battle everyday. Love is not only the solution, it is the only answer. It is the ultimate weapon and the God Given Gift within all of us.

Thank you for being the voice of the many who don't speak. May God shower blessings on your blessed work and divine mission.
With gratitude, respect,and love:
Anand Chulani
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Dear Mr. Zaghi

It was such a joy meeting you and your lovely wife during your recent visit to
North Carolina.

Within my own work/calling to bring peace and love to mind, heart, and body, in challenging times, I am delighted to see your own strong commitment to bringing peace for all mankind, as well.

Perhaps we can work together creating new music to help in this shared lifetime goal. “Love is the Solution” would make a great title for my next songIcomposition.

Wishing you much success in your endeavors.

With a song in my heart,
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Dear Mr. Zaghi, 

I have devoted my life as a violinist, composer, and performer in music to opening hearts and uplifting spirits, and promoting peace and harmony.  I came to prominence for my trademark performance on a landmark recording and tour with Bob Dylan, the most significant poet of the 20th century who influenced a generation, as well as soloist for the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and multiple original solo CD's.  

I am equally committed to promoting peace with Mother Earth and All living creatures. 
Through my soon to be released book Voice of the Animals, with a message of respect,
harmony, and peaceful coexistence with the natural world including a CD of original
World Music.  Voice of the Animals 4 Kids will follow, created by myself and Ph.D. child
psychologist, Dr. Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri, who I know is a member of the Love is the Solution’s Advisory Council.  It will be a handbook for peace learning principles of empathy, compassion, cooperation, culture, conservation, and friendship across boundaries of all species to promote a more humane society.  
May our mutual activities for peace indeed transform humanity for the sake of all life on Earth.

Scarlet Rivera 
Facebook:  Scarlet Rivera
Facebook:  Scarlet Rivera Music 
Facebook:  Voice of the Animals 

“Exciting, original, expressive and completely singular.” These are but a few words used to describe Scarlet Rivera, the musician.  She came to international acclaim on Bob Dylan’s, Desire and Hard Rain albums, and his Biograph and Bootleg Compilations.

The New York Times writes, “Miss Rivera shows herself to be one of the best women Jazz-Pop instrumentalists around, and quite simply one of the best violinists playing today.”  Scarlet Rivera is one of a handful of innovators of the violin who composes a truly original style of music.  As an artist, she continues to produce solo albums ranging from rock-jazz to classical and world music.  Solo recordings include ‘Behind the Crimson Veil’, ‘Celtic Dream’, ‘Celtic Spirit’,  ‘Celtic Myst’, ‘Journey with an Angel’ and ‘Voice of the Animals’.   

She both toured and recorded with Tracy Chapman on her hit recordings  ‘Crossroads’ and ‘Telling Stories’, Grammy Award winner Keb Mo and the Indigo Girls.  She was a featured soloist with the Duke Ellington Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and the Carnival of Venice, Italy.  Her own group’s performances in the US and Europe include the Montreux Jazz Festival, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Newport Jazz Festival and others.  
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Dear Nasser, It is a delight to present my endorsement for your wonderful work with Love Is the Solution:
Nasser Zaghi joyfully shares the vision of unconditional love with great passion and compassion. A consummate and professional ambassador of his inspired organization, Love Is the Solution, he embodies this simple yet profound idea with courage, enthusiasm and kindness. His dedication to a global peace-based education initiative is touching countless lives helping make this a better world for all. As a fellow traveler on the path of love, it is an honor to share this journey with such a caring soul as Nasser. While he keenly acknowledges the big picture of love, he also brings it into practical application to help others realize the benefit and solution that love intrinsically and naturally provides.
Thank you for all you do!
Love, light and peace,

Harold W. Becker
President and Founder
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Mr. Nasser Zaghi,
May these auspicious quotes help man[kind] in the journey towards oneness. We are all one family of oneness. [Love Is the Solution is] a book to be read and realized.

Swami Pragyanand Oneness University
Delhi, India
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Dear Mr. Zaghi,
In my experience as the United States liaison for President Clinton during the Jerusalem Spiritual Peace Accord, I witnessed first hand the intense need for "love is the solution" between great nations, great men and women of different faiths. Love is the common unifying element, not just for this troubled region, but also for peace in the world. The simple human elements of acceptance, fairness, and doing one's best combine to allow for the greatest aspects of our nature to inform and guide our choices for our families, communities and countries.

Mr. Zaghi, I see your vision as a call, reminding us to step into the highest aspects of our nature. I offer you my sincere approbation and support in your quest and vision of furthering love as a solution for planetary peace and harmony.

It is clear to me that the application of the vital principles of acceptance, fairness and making one's best efforts will make an immeasurable contribution to the evolving peace that must eventually prevail to ensure the future of human kind.

Dr. Colbey Forman
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Dearest Nasser,
It was an absolute pleasure speaking with you today.  You are a breath of fresh air.  We are definitely on the same page in the view of life.  I truly believe that what we manifest is contagious and that LOVE IS THE SOLUTION.
I look forward to meeting you and your beautiful energy.
Kindest Regards and God Bless.
Dana Souter
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Dear Mr. Nasser Zaghi,
I am extremely privileged and delighted to have been contacted by your organization, Love is the Solution, after my global Persian interview was televised in Woodland Hills, California on May 15, 2012. The interview was about my Congressional Candidacy 2012, for District 28 in California. Even though I am running for a political federal seat in the U.S. Congress, the nature of my political agenda is anchored in preserving the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and achieving Peace and Universal Ethics at the United Nations level. My agenda is pressing, timeless, and it extends to the next hundred years not only in regard to our sustainability, but also to our prosperity in every aspect on planet earth.

It was about 2:00 a.m. when I received your summaries and your action plan for fundamental peace education -- which was about sixty pages. After reviewing the material I could not sleep, I was beyond myself with sheer joy and enthusiasm. Your vision is enormously commendable. Your commitment to a love based universal education system is truly extraordinary. Peace education is absolutely possible, and practical, because it is compatible with our true nature. Your work is a mirror that reflects the truth about us, reminds us of our lost identity and invites us back to our deep peaceful nature. It is only there we can mindfully embrace and fulfill our true destiny, and have more abundance and quality of life on planet earth for all -- an existence that would be seamlessly and effortlessly achieved.

I consider learning about Love is the Solution a synchronized, deliberate gift from the universe and I will treasure it accordingly. It was a genuine honor to meet with you. I look forward to collaborating with your organization, and mutually working toward global peace projects.

Most Respectfully,
Massie Munroe, Registered Civil Engineer, State of California
B.S., M.S. Civil/Environmental Engineer.
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Dear Nasser Zaghi,
We at Palace Press International are committed to the values that you encapsulate in your definition of love. Not only on a theoretical level but also on a practical level, we strive to integrate into our everyday lives the tenets that you describe: fairness, acceptance, and the goal of being both our individual and our collective best. In our publishing work, we make a constant effort to think about the messages that we communicate through both the content and the form of our products.

We carefully consider our decisions regarding authors and artists with whom we work, projects we endorse, and materials we use. Your words remind us of the larger vision underlying these daily decisions: a vision of a world in which there is no disconnect between decision-making motivations in the workplace and outside of it, a world in which basic human commitments to fairness, acceptance, and a desire to be one's best structure all interactions, regardless of context.
Thank you for working to communicate your simple yet powerful message of love to as many people as possible.

Raoul Goff
President of Palace Press International
  • Nour Zaghi (Zaghi’s brother)
    WHY do I endorse Nasser Zaghi “Love is the Solution?”
    I believe the following:
    Nasser Zaghi and “Love is the Solution” contribute to bring eventual number of war deaths to zero
    God is one, humanity is part of God. Let’s use Nasser”s Love is the Solution principles
    and mission to take the journey towards this Godly oneness.

    Nasser, my brother, now in the place of my late father and mother, has spent an
    extraordinary amount of time, funds, and effort to encourage and inspire the removal of
    hatred from human lives. I am sure he truly deserves to share in our mother’s great
    position and honor for accomplishments to bring peace and create a world full of love.

    Love Is the Solution principles of acceptance, fairness and doing one's best are the best
    to begin efforts for all peoples of all nations to travel the pathway to global peace,
    saving human lives and applying technology to have beautiful, peaceful environment for

    Practicing Nasser’s principles will remove envy, greed, selfishness, corruption and
    injustice from the hearts of people and implants love instead.

    We suffer from disease, poverty, and injustice. Love is the Solution leads us into
    eliminating war and violence in human relationships, and teaches us to have peace all
    over the world through the power of love.

    • Love is the Solution is teaching us
    • “Loving other people” is exactly equal to “Loving God”
    • Serving others is serving God
    • God loves those who love other people
    • The only way to God is through love.

    With Love is the Solution , Your brother, Nour Zaghi
  • Manu Manoucher Cohen - Former Vice President of Persian Jewish Central Community
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  • Seiyed Hussein Jalali - Amateur Athletic Federation
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  • Mr. Labtb Shahidi - Iron Work Contractor
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  • Jame M Plellegoin M.D.
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  • Ken Nadjibi
    Dear Nasser
    Hope all is well and doing good under the heartfull circumstances.
    I couldn't resist not to send you this note regarding the horrible massacre that happened Sunday morning in Orlando ,Florida .
    Since the occurrence of this tragedy , I have once again been hooked to all news stations and talk shows specially on my favorite radio station KGO.
    I was driving around 1:30 PM yesterday and listening to my talk show station as I did during the whole week of 9/11.
    Prior to the show,it was on the news that a Pastor from Sacramento was preaching to his audience and asked what are your thoughts about the killing and injuring of almost 100 innocent loving gay young people?
    No response was heard and he continued by shouting that I am happy and I encourage the government to round up all of these people and shoot them.
    On the other hand the talk show host and his guest speaker were trying to understand the motive for such hate and anger.Every time a question was asked the answer started with the word of LOVE not hate.This discussion went on for about 30 min. and the two words LOVE not HATE
    were repeated numerous time.
    I then thought to my self that the guest speaker must have taken a page from Mr. Zaghis Doctrine that LOVE is the solution to all the hate exist in the world.
    How true this must be that all the chanting that are going on in Orlando are LOVE will overcome
  • Heather Koger Devich, ED.D

    I so much enjoyed our meeting at St. Sava's Orthodox Church in Phoenix, as well as your web- site and printed materials. I apologize for my delay in getting back to you, but I have been thinking and praying deeply on what is the best way to materialize our shared dream of a teacher and student conference on peace education, and of a global peace education curriculum to share world-wide.  My resulting opinion is that a meeting at an Arizona school put on by students and teachers would have the greatest media impact, and thus best opportunity for global audience impact.

    As a result, I consulted with a good friend and colleague, Trish McCarty of StarShine Academy.   She said she knew you well, agreed deeply with your mission, and also agreed that her high school students could put together a large state-wide conference and peace rally on their beautiful new multi-million dollar K-12 campus.  They could get it organized to coincide with the UN peace education date of September. 1, 2015.  She said for you to contact her directly, and that they could begin planning immediately for a "love is the solution" conference.  

    This seems to me to be a golden educational opportunity for all involved, and that it would also be a very cost effective and beautiful location for you to come for a keynote address. I will support and cooperate with Trish's efforts to implement this exciting program in any way that I can.

    In the universal love of God for all of his children,
    Dr. Heather
    214 934-8893
    Heather Koger Devich, ED.D.
    Founder, Executive Director
    Global Seed: Sustainable Environment Education demonstrations
    Google nonprofit Montessori Ed channel:
  • Dr. Sakethou
    Dear Mr. Zaghi, I was delighted to participate in your care while you were hospitalized at JFK Medical Center. It was nice to hear about your concepts on love. To answer your question, how your definition of love relating to the practice of medicine, there is no doubt every physician has to practice medicine with love and empathy. Each patient must be joyfully accepted and of course one has to be for the patient and do ones best. Doctor Saketkhou Cardiologist Boca Raton, Florida
  • Kianoush Nadjib
    Dear Nasser:

    It is over twenty years that my family and I have had the pleasure of knowing you and your family through our business association. I am very proud and happy to have had this fantastic acquaintance over these years. Our business partnership in Park 3rd and Park 4th investment project, with your relentless effort and leadership as managing partner, has been without a doubt, a unique and masterful one.

    I value our friendship and hope it will continue for many, many more years to come. You and your family are in my and my family's thoughts, and we wish you and yours a very happy, healthy, and successful future.

    Most Sincere Regards,  
  • Ira Farnoush
    My Dear Zaghi,

    I have not seen you for some time now, and have recently discovered what you are doing with your Love Is the Solution peace project. I am amazed at you! I can't believe it! I have known you for more than fifty-five years, and have always believed in you, expected big things from you, but nothing as big as this project for peace. I repeat, you are amazing. What you are doing is wonderful and your formula works! I know because I have tried it several times - very successfully - both in business and with family and friends.

    When I think back to the old days, when we were in school, I remember that you were a smart and ardent student, you excelled in volleyball -- you were always considered to be the best player, you know. You always were persistent, even back then you were doing your best. I recall a very good example -- when you were bedridden for months with a herniated disc, you summoned the commitment and determination to complete all those law courses- always doing your best, Zaghi. You have carried this zeal into the present and are putting your entire self into your work as a messenger of peace. It is incredible to see this transition.

    I know that your life was transformed after your oldest daughter survived a horrific car accident. Your life was touched after that tragedy and the event triggered you to get involved in writing your book, "Love Is the Solution - Peace Is Possible. It is clear that you have put a huge amount of time and effort into publishing and promoting it and it is surely not to get rich, since you already have everything you could ever need. You have done this because you believe in it completely and are so deeply committed to peace.  You are incredibly patient, consistent, willing to listen, talk things out, and you have the ability to sift through passionate emotions to see to the heart of the issue. You are extraordinarily compassionate, and you understand the human heart.
    I applaud you, my friend. You are helping to change the world forever - peace is really possible and you are carrying that message to every corner of the earth. As you know, I am happy to offer my full support for your project, now and at any time in the future.  May you be well and travel far on this journey to peace!

    With love,

    Ira Farnoush Los Angeles, California

  • Donald Ashkenazi
    (The following is an email that came in response to visiting LITS’ website.)

    Nasser, I would like to tell you how much I admire the efforts you're expending to make the world a better place. Man has striven throughout our entire history to achieve a state of peace and tranquility. Unfortunately, we have failed. We have had one war after another. Worse yet, we have seen millions of people massacred within their own borders. Based on the weapons available today, we may be facing the worst crisis of all time. Fundamentalism in one form or another is threatening us all.

    In the face of all this Nasser, you have stated simply Love is the Solution. It is every person's responsibility to meet life's challenges with an attitude of loving acceptance; each person must act with a commitment to fairness and everyone must be dedicated to doing their best in every way. If we could adopt these three core principles the world would be transformed. So many people have come before you and tried to make a difference by putting mankind on the right track, and have failed. We can only hope that you will succeed.

    The enormity of your undertaking equals the good that would be achieved. We must all pass your principles on to all with whom we come in contact. This, in our own small way, will help to advance your cause which is really the cause of all man.

    Let me close by saying how moved I am to have met you. If all of us just followed your example, we could succeed where so many others have failed. Your endeavor has my prayers for its success.

    All my best,

    Donald Ashkenase
    Rochester, New York
  • Habib
    Dear Mr. Zaghi, I have read your book, Love Is the Solution, and I feel I must write this letter to you, to share my own personal experience. I believe that I and my story are the best proof of love is the solution in practice. Like yourself, I was born in Shiraz, Iran. You were born Jewish, and I Muslim. I remember my childhood years, growing up in school.  A frequent activity of mine, together with my friends, was to hit Jewish boys' heads, to make fun of them and laugh. That was my fun - it was a common activity, a hobby for us.   I am 56 years old now. I have lived Las Vegas, Nevada, for the last 30 years. Looking at my past, I realize I was product of an environment that trained me to hate and to single out other classmates, like the Jewish boys, because of their religion or even just how they looked. After realizing all of this, and now having read your book, Love Is the Solution, I am transformed. I would love to hug any Jewish boys and ask them to their face, “Please forgive me. I am sorry for my childish behavior, and most importantly, I love you”.   Love was my solution to transform the blind hate, to be open to love everyone in my life. Thank you, Mr. Zaghi, for your book.  It opened up my eyes, my mind and my heart and now I have a more complete understanding of my past. You have helped me to see it so clearly -- love IS the solution. Sincerely,

    Businessman  San Francisco, California.
  • Susanna Holt
    Love is the Solution” has been an inspiring read for me during 2010, and now having met Nasser Zaghi, and speaking with him at length, I know that we not only embrace the same vision for Peace, but that he passionately embodies the notion, furthering the move toward peace to a larger degree than the majority of people are capable. What excites me is that his influence reaches diverse cultures that in the West many have grown to askew with mistrust, disapproval or fear. To me these cultures are mysterious, historically ancient, and similar to all of us in one respect, ‘malleable to a new paradigm’. It would be an honor to endorse and work with Zaghi’s organization. As a representative in Arizona for the Department of Peace Campaign, a bill on the ballot in Congress, I resonate deeply with his voice of reason in an unreasonably violent world. There are many of us working for the abstract concept of Peace, and each in our own way is a cog in the wheel. It is vital for us to come together, endorse one another, our varied visions for a better world than the one we are subjected to, and while practicality is fundamental to my way of thinking, in the last analysis, it boils down to - Love is the Answer! The most fundamental value those of us who are concerned with Peace share is the universal trust that all peoples, however diverse in culture and denomination, religion or non belief, conclude that life requires ‘we treat others as we ourselves would be treated’. Nonetheless, driven by personal agendas and societal slants, many good people find themselves abusing others in the name of ‘justice,’ or ‘might makes right’. For those of us who see all life as one impartial whole, furthering the notion of peace among us is not only a required natural law; it is a dire necessity at this juncture in our evolution. The ability to discuss values globally, to reconsider what is moral behavior among the social networking that now links us, we are further reminded to address these issues, and return to that simple axiom that is fundamental to all religion, and all civilized cultures, that we should do unto others, as we would wish to be dealt with ourselves. Peace begins with us. Consideration, and compassion towards another is prerequisite, and our willingness to develop understanding that allows for acceptance of our differences. These qualities are sometimes mistaken for weakness as opposed to strength. But they are the mechanics of collaboration. Commitment and flexibility, which are true signals of strength, must allow for separation in non agreement, while maintaining mutual collaboration, and sustained effort to reach out even if it requires patient, hard work, but never force. Should we cultivate humility and resist the temptation to meddle in the affairs of others? Yes, there will undoubtedly be those slower to arrive at the trailhead to these qualities, or who choose to evolve by unfathomable means. But we might find that some will emulate those who chose the path of least resistance, our higher path of peacefulness, observing how peace engenders genuine joy and prosperity.
    These characteristics are inherent in every human being, every culture, and among peoples of all race. But also present is the darker side of human nature. This voice very often eclipses the majority of good people living their lives as best they know how, as all of us wish, with family, friends, comfort and dignity. The darker voice of force can be heard loud and clear above the distracted chatter of the average person, and it is that voice, above all, that needs to be brought into the shared dialogue, understood for its angst, urged into alignment with nature’s rhythm of regeneration. The majority of people, if we chose to believe them to be fundamentally good, will overcome evil in their own time and in their own way, and we must lead by elective example, rather than by collective power. Those who elect lasting peace endorse steadfastness in the face of brutality. They do not shy away from the beast in others; it is met with its polar opposite, and thus dissolved. Handled with flexibility enough to tolerate other interpretations of what we ourselves consider acceptable boundaries of human behavior. To Peacemakers, ideological differences such as too much clothing, or too little clothing for instance pale beside the pain of hungry children. This sounds like an altruistic approach to what we see as intractable differences on a global scale. How do we bridge this gap between reality and possibility? Like Zaghi’s organization, the Department of Peace Campaign proposes 1% of the defense budget to establish a third leg to our collaborative Global decision-making. A voice of reason at the collective table! Sounds philanthropic once again, and what of the additional expense and expansion of government delving even further into our lives and our pockets? Isn’t it quality of life that urges us to contain others less than peaceful behavior? Protect our sovereign right to security? Well then, doesn’t the wise man check his brakes/tires, rather than try to steer an automobile out of control and trust it all to the insurance policy after the accident? And if this is so, then shouldn’t we see as crucial common sense, a foundation that delivers peaceful infrastructure before conflicts arise, and that reduces the outrageous expense of war both on our global economies, and our global human families? ‘Department of Peace’ seeks furtherance of cross-cultural education, and linguistic capabilities. Provide violence prevention and conflict resolution skills and mediation, tolerance, in all schools, and as part of our emerging global culture. Address the ‘Root Cause’ of domestic violence, gang psychology, drug and alcohol related violence. Rehabilitate offenders who qualify, rather than locking them away at great expense. Remember a child well occupied with tinkering and toys, rarely seeks to get into mischief! And importantly, support our military with complementary approaches to conflict. We need our gallant first responders to attend to the growing incidence of turbulent natural disasters first and foremost. And of course the reduction of arms, a weapon for a weapon does not, nor never has, ensured safety. Fear is our most treacherous opiate. Love is its antidote, by mysterious kismet.

    Finally, these approaches must become part of the dialogue at peak levels in all governments, and encouraged for those who do not see the wisdom therein. We owe it to ourselves, and to that patient Creative Force, whatever name we chose to apply to innate intelligence, that after millenniums of floundering, we have evolved to the point of collectively bringing ourselves into alignment with our inherent loving nature. Ready to rebirth a more profound persona. That new archetype = Peace.

    Susanna Holt
  • Fred Ramirez
    September 8, 2004 Dear Nasser, My wife and I would like to thank you and all of your family for having us at your daughter's Graduation party and family reunion. We don't have enough words to express how grateful we are to be a part of this grand celebration. The night after the party my drive home felt like I was flying. It felt like I was in the clouds. When we got home I was so excited to tell all my kids my experience at the party. And when I sent to bed I cannot sleep. If you were to cut me with a knife, I don't think I will bleed. I have never experienced this before. Nor felt like this before. You showed us so much respect, importance, trust and so much love. You are very special to us. You will always have a special part in my heart. I am sure that I was not the only one that felt like this that evening. What you do for everybody is so wonderful. Just imagine bringing every one of your family members in one roof, just enjoying each other's company is a milestone achievement. You and your family made everyone very welcomed and very special. Love is the Solution. Nasser, you are love, therefore you are the solution. You give so much love and understanding to people. You make every individual very important and special. I just wish that everyone would think like you. Once again, I think you for being a friend and accepting me as part of your family. Our love for you will always be very special. Love Always, Fred Ramirez
  • Nehzat Farnoody, Ph.d
    Dear Mr. Zaghi,

    Certainly, I agree with you that love is the solution on both the personal level and within the community at large. Some may ask, “What is the rationale behind this statement?”

    The answer is quite simple: only love brings the experience of oneness which, in turn, is key to sensing mutuality and connection. One experiences oneness when one is completely tuned into the other’s feelings. This is also known as ‘empathy’.

    Empathy is a mutually recognized connection between two human beings. It can also come about as the result of a selfless attempt to understanding another’s differences. I am pleased to hear you are so interested in nurturing greater understanding about love and have devoted your life to his noble endeavor.

    Be assured that I am delighted to support you as you strive to enhance individual happiness and therefore, ultimately achieve the critically needed resolution of the world’s conflicts.

    My Best,

    Nehzat Farnoody, Ph.D.
    Cross-Cultural Clinical Psychologist

    During the years of 1989 to 1992, Dr. Farnoody hosted the first Iranian-American Radio and TV program on psychological topics related to the needs of the Iranian-American community. From 1995 to 2001, she hosted several Radio and TV psychology media literacy programs. Since 2002, she has been the host of a popular satellite TV Talk Show called, “Inner Sight (Negahi be Daroon)” on American Farsi Network ( where she has an opportunity to reach out, educate, and raise awareness on Mental Health and psychological principles of parenting and healthy families for Iranian-Americans, as well as, the Iranians living in the global community Excerpts developed from
  • Ruth Broyde Sharone
    Dear Mr. Zaghi,
    We have heard it in song: "Love is all you need." We recently witnessed it on TV when a bookkeeper--a woman of deep and abiding faith--prevented another school massacre from occurring by extending compassion and love to an unhinged and heavily armed young man. Love stopped him in his tracks. What mystics have always known and what scientists have demonstrated of late is that love is the source and also the great healing balm of our universe. A Japanese scientist who now travels the world has been able to demonstrate that crystals of polluted water can actually be transformed into pure and potable water through thoughts of love.

    As a person who has dedicated her adult life to creating interfaith harmony, I resonate deeply with your mantra "Love is the Solution." As a person who has produced films, written articles, organized peace pilgrimages and delivered countless speeches advocating personal responsibility and urging that we befriend the stranger, I salute your plan to inculcate the youngest and most tender of souls with lessons in love and peaceful co-existence. As someone who has spoken on many college campuses, in many mosques, churches, synagogues, embassies and livings rooms, I salute your call for peace education on a global level. The time is now and we are ripe for this next stage.

    What you are proposing, a pedagogy of love, has never before been adopted on a global level. We know in our hearts that this generation of children, and the generations to follow, must receive our immediate loving attention if we are going to rescue the world from war and violence. When we teach love, we create hope. When we teach respect, we model cooperation. When we teach fairness, we promote justice.
    Thank you for keeping this cause alive and vital. Your passion for advancing the pedagogy of love to all the peoples of the earth, starting with our children, is most praiseworthy. May we be inspired to achieve this noblest of ventures through our collective holy collaboration.

    Ruth Broyde Sharone, Co-Chair
    Southern California Committee for a Parliament of the World's Religions

    Interfaith Leader Ruth Broyde Sharone, an inspirational speaker, filmmaker, journalist, author and coach, empowers people to take on a "global stretch for peace." A self-appointed peacemaker since she was a young girl in Chicago, Ruth is convinced that people—not governments—will ultimately bring about the long-awaited and eagerly hoped for era of global peace. Her personal mission to promote interfaith harmony has taken her far beyond the US, to the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. 

    Her motto: Be Interfaithful and Multiply! and

  • Winifred Potenza
    Dear Zaghi,
    I have written quite a few letters to the wonderful recipients of THIS AMERICAN HEART Award. They have been easy to write but I sit here struggling with your letter and I know why. There are so many things to say, they all come at once and I simply can't get them all written down! LOVE IS THE SOLUTION is an intention of the Heart. Your commitment to letting the world know the truth...that Love is the Solution...inspires others to make a difference. On a personal level, I know that every time I get stuck, I think "Love is the Solution" and it becomes the best advice ever. Your dedication and passion is in everything that you do and you do everything with kindness. When you say "I love you", you mean it. Only through this great wisdom could you have given birth to LOVE IS THE SOLUTION.I know firsthand that your Heart, born in another country but here as a citizen of the United States, is a perfect recipient of THIS AMERICAN HEART Award. This work that you do creates the spreading of kindness and love all over and we love THIS AMERICAN HEART Award. The idea for this Award is to acknowledge and celebrate the compassion, kindness, courage, and "Heart" of the American people. There are limitless heroes in every state, and you are one. Thank you for your Heart.
    Potenza Every child, everywhere, deserves to be safe.
    Potenza, Artist. Hearts of the World, Santa Rosa, California.
  • Joanne Tawfillis
    Meeting Nasser Zaghi was a special time for me—to meet a kindred spirit whose heart and soul overflowed with sincerity and passion in pursuit of achieving the goal of critically needed Peace Education was beyond refreshing and joyful.

    For over 25 years my husband and I have dedicated our lives and efforts to promote a Culture of Peace and have “walked the talk” sacrificing and devoting our time and resources to bringing people together through the arts, with the hope that this interaction would build understanding and respect. This work has evolved into a global movement and indeed has surpassed our expectations of promoting education, cultural awareness and most of all HOPE. We are very fortunate to have sought out, found and networked with over 1,000 organizations and thousands of individuals who share our hope. We are even more fortunate to witness how these efforts DO WORK when synergy and collaboration is involved.

    Mr. Zaghi spoke eloquently from his heart and after reviewing his own lifetime work efforts, I feel compelled to join in support of his organization “Love is the Solution”—because I know this to be the truth. I have worked all over the world as a UN senior executive and in places ranging from refugee camps, homeless centers, soup kitchens and war ravaged communities to areas where thousands of people live and survived as a result of both natural and human disasters. Part of my own payment in participating in these interactions resulted in treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome Disorder (PTSD), something that scratches the heart of civilians as well as military personnel. And like Mr. Zaghi, I have danced with death as a result of three bouts of cancer and other maladies, surviving because some of us have a higher purpose in life and much unfinished work. My rewards have outnumbered these challenges—the joy of seeing PEACE BUILDING, PEACE EDUCATION and PEACE MAKING has been bountiful and is the fuel that keeps us moving forward, despite the onset of aging and health. The joy of working with today’s youth has so much promise and we must tap into their energy and intellect as they continue to participate and create their own peace education efforts.

    It is this network of like-minded peace builders who can only join hands and share a common dream of creating the basis for a Culture of Peace and that is to teach peace beginning with ourselves and of our offspring, always keeping the solution to prevention of violence and hatred in our hearts as we seek support through other individuals and organizations to join this challenge of teaching peace and building peace education curricula at every step of life’s journey.

    The goal of identifying Peace Ambassadors is a noble one and perhaps in my eyes, as important as Nobel Laureates. They seem to focus this prestigious recognition and award on those who are already recognized for their leadership and efforts and although are very deserving; there are hundreds that live throughout the world without recognition and support despite how very active they are and take on challenges that seemingly go unnoticed and who do this as a daily activity—living, breathing, mentoring peace education.

    The world needs leaders that are on the ground, out there among the populations of each continent, that teach peace and build peace education programs often times done at great self sacrifice. It is time the global community builds these leaders, mentors and achievers who can create a network and IMPLEMENT a successful method to transform humanity’s downward spiral with a never seen before that focuses strictly on peace building through education, global education. The reasons for violence and conflict are many—but the world is full of bountiful and more meaningful reasons for peace education that outweigh the results of what violence and conflict leaves with its ugly footprint of suffering, destruction and death.

    That’s why I support the work of my colleagues who are intent on Peace Education, Peace Building and Peace Making. It is our human destiny to stop the destruction of humanity and Mother Nature, through the love and affection that is inborn in our human hearts at the first sight of our Mother who birthed us, and not through the violence we are taught for the sake of financial gain for the few who rely on a Culture of Violence to oppress and suppress the goodness that is within each of us.

    Joanne Tawfilis

    National Commissioner
    US National Commission for UNESCO

    Mrs. Tawfilis is a retired UN Executive (Director of Human Resource Management Services, United Nations Environment Program; and Director, Management Services, International Atomic Energy Agency) and former Director of the Women of Srebrenica Project in the former Yugoslavia under the Clinton Administration. Joanne is a multi award-winning careerist; winner of the Bob Marley Peace Award; recipient of the Peacemaker of the Year Award/My Hero Project, United Nations Association UNA USA (regional and local chapter); honored by the International Committee of Artists for Peace, the Youth For Human Rights International Peace Hero Award and a commendation from the California State Superintendent of Schools, to name but a few of her honors.

    Joanne and her husband are passionate advocates for youth, and together they have dedicated their lives to unifying people through the language of the arts in a meaningful, fulfilling, and fun way. Their work teaches and promotes collaboration, understanding, and respect on a global scale with the hope of generating sustainable educational programs and actions that prevent violence and promote peace.

  • Alireza
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