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Jill Hesseltine

Dear Mr. Zaghi, 

I met you at a Meditation Center in West Los Angeles. I was told that you were "a man organizing a foundation for world peace and that you had written a book". This sounded great - I was curious. Ever since I was a little girl growing up in the 70's, under the threat of Nuclear War, I dreamed of world peace. During the cold war in 1987, I went to Russia as a young American ambassador to hold hands with Soviet school children and sing "We shall overcome someday". I enjoyed the idea that we all wanted the same thing but I didn't like the idea of "someday". What is significant about your work is that it addresses exactly that. How to attain peace here and now; no longer just a dream, peace becomes a reality. Peace is real. 

My personal experience of peace came while I was reading your book. In the book "Love is the Solution", how to attain this illusive state is conveyed in simple and profound terms. I noticed there were several times that ten minutes would go by and I would still be on the same page, looking at the same three sentence passage...contemplating. I had the sense that I was more deeply connected to myself than I had been in decades. I was no longer at war from within. It is the practice of loving acceptance, fairness, and doing your best that an individual can reach a state of peace. A week later when we met, you said to me "If you practice this, you practice all religions". 

Ultimately to bring peace to the entire world in this practical form fills me with an unshakeable trust. Once a person receives this knowledge and applies it to their life, universal peace is inevitable. 

I agree " Love is the Solution" . If we are to promote peace and establish a world wide awareness, whether it starts in our own home or amongst conflicted war-torn societies, we must continue along these lines. To paraphrase something Ghandi once said "It is love that will win in the end". 

I am honored to be a part of an organization that builds upon the vision of an International Peace Education. Thank you for the inspiration and I appreciate the spirit it takes to pursue such a noble cause.  

Jill Hesseltine

Film Producer/Environmentalist Community Leader

Love Is the Solution
is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to global peace education.